15 Best Cars Websites

It has never been easier to browse and buy a car thanks to many different sites, which we’re going to cover soon, on the internet. All the information needed to make an informed purchase of a new or used car is available online: sites like Auto Trader make finding your dream car much easier than it once was.
No more aimlessly walking around car dealerships whilst a suited salesperson stalks you around and bothers you every time you even glance at a vehicle.
Even though buying a vehicle online might seem odd at first (after all, don't dealerships and test drives also come into play?), you can actually do it quite easily.

If a customer is looking to buy a used car, they can find out what the dealer has in stock, how the vehicle is priced compared to the competition, what they can get for their part-exchange of their current vehicle, and how much a loan will set them back - all whilst they’re on their smartphone watching reality TV.
Want to feel empowered too? Or just find some great car websites that provide excellent content to help gear up your knowledge and even just entertain you a little? Then take a look at the 15 best car websites the internet has to offer…

Auto Trader

While the print version of Auto Trader was discontinued in 2013, the online version has grown into the most popular used car website in the UK.
It has attracted the biggest listening of used cars as well as containing listings for new cars featuring the newest makes and models.
The ability to search by monthly finance cost is a crucial feature as car shopping has shifted more towards PCP monthly payment models as well as allowing buyers to refine their search by vehicle size, fuel type, economy, and emission levels.

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Launched in 2019, Heycar is owned by Daimler and Volkswagen. The company is an online marketplace for used cars - and they exclusively work with selected dealerships.
Meaning only big franchisees operate with them rather than local garages - and whilst this means prices aren’t going to be as competitive, you’re going to have a more pleasant experience due to dealing with professionals and not some random people who just own a garage in your local town.

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Autolist makes car shoppers' lives easier by providing hundreds of millions of listings from car shopping apps and dealer websites. Users can access valuable information on each vehicle through the website and app, such as days on the market, price changes, and CARFAX reports.
CNET ranked it among the top 10 car apps for mobile users for its intuitive and easy-to-use app that has been downloaded over 10 million times.

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Motors.co.uk has been a great success in recent years, attracting visitors and stock to its site, despite not being as large as Auto Trader in terms of listing totals.
Customers on Motors.co.uk can view prices by monthly payments and is incredibly user-friendly, thanks to the clever use of eye-catching graphics that have the ability to let buyers adjust their search criteria based on practicality, budget, road tax, and the accessories they love to have in a car.

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Car Gurus

Langley Steinert, the co-founder of TripAdvisor, founded CarGurus in 2006 to let consumers post questions and reviews about cars and dealers in their area. With the addition of a marketplace and a vehicle evaluation tool, this is one of the best places to find cheap cars.
The feature that makes CarGuru unique is that it gives each car a "deal rating" and sorts the results from the cheapest to the most expensive. No dealer can pay to boost their listings like they can on other car websites, so the best scores will be awarded to only the best dealers.

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Auto Tempest

As with Auto List, AutoTempest draws its results from a variety of databases, including Cars.com, Craigslist, AutoTrader, eBay, Carvana, CarsDirect, and more.
There are also a number of other useful resources for car shoppers at AutoTempest, such as car reviews, buyer's guides, checklists, and negotiating tips. In partnership with Carvana, car owners can even sell their vehicles directly to the company.

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Cars & Bids

YouTube star Doug DeMuro created Cars & Bids in 2020 to make it easier for modern car enthusiasts to buy and sell cars.
While this is a relatively new site compared to the others on this list, it does offer a great user experience due to its ease of use and priority placed on protecting both parties involved in the sale of a car.
Cars & Bids' faster-listing process gets cars listed as quickly as possible, working with its sellers for the most convenient listing times so the process, for both parties, can be as smooth as possible.

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Their website allows you to save searches, create favorites, and filter your selections. Edmunds started as a paperback booklet available at newsstands. And their decades of experience have made them a well-respected name in the industry.
Even though Edmunds search functions are similar to those on other sites, they often offer more choices and features for a user to better find what they are looking for. In addition, they offer car buying advice, recommendations on the newest vehicles, and the buying process as a whole.

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For nearly a century, Kelley Blue Book has provided the American public with the "Blue Book price." The KBB website and app capitalize on this by providing you with accurate car value and listings based on what you’re looking for.
Beyond cars and vans, KBB also covers motorcycles, snowmobiles, and jet skis, making it a go-to resource for all automotive information. In addition to this, KBB is also constantly pumping out expert reviews, top ten lists, and recall updates making this site a favorite online resource for anyone in the automotive space.

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Craigslist is a classified site, and it doesn't look very janky compared to the rest of the car sites on this list, but at the very least it does have a broad variety of cars and the posting typically include photos.
The site is rife with scammers, so if you go this route you will need to be extremely savvy and use auto checks. Still, it is possible to negotiate a deal worth your while and should be used if you’re looking to avoid the middleman.

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Known for its certified pre-owned used car selection, Carmax also offers the web famous “Carmax warranty”, the best in the industry. However, its no-haggle policy doesn't make it the best place for those looking for a bargain, but it’s still a great place for anyone looking to buy a car without the fuss.
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TrueCar does not directly sell cars like other car websites but instead helps you find the perfect vehicle to suit your needs.
Millions of used cars and new vehicles are listed on TrueCar, a website that shows customers what other people in their area have paid for the exact vehicle they are looking for.
Customers have access to upfront prices from local certified dealers via TrueCar, and they also include an evaluation tool to determine the actual value of your current car you’re driving.

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Originally, Carfax provided history reports on used cars to buyers and sellers. The company went on to become the leading name in vehicle history reports, so much so many dealerships today offer a Carfax report to their customers when selling their used cars.
As a result, Carfax has one of the largest databases of vehicle history in North America which they have utilized by becoming an online car dealer of their own, to rival everybody else in the business. In addition to this, they produce plenty of web content to help with your buying decisions on your next vehicle and how you can shift your old vehicle without being ripped off.

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For collectors of classic cars, Hemmings is a "must-visit” website in the car niche. In addition to vehicles, Hemmings helps you locate hard-to-find parts for that project you keep avoiding, so you can finally get that old Porsche on the road once more.
Through its blog and newsletters, Hemmings offers a more classic car community feel. The company also sells merchandise related to classic cars. On top of that, they have an engaging email list, videos all about classic cars as well as special events, and even their own app.

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As a relatively new player on the car-buying scene, YesAuto strives to make the process easy and convenient for its customers. It does this by offering a user-friendly platform and by building an online community dedicated to assisting in the car-buying process.
Its most distinctive feature is a unique rating system that allows users to score cars based on what really matters. Along with its 360-degree VR technology and feature for booking test drives, the site aims to make car buying not only simple but also enjoyable.

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