15 Best Cryptocurrency Websites

One search at Google or any search engine will already bring millions, if not more, in terms of results. There are specific ones for the daily general news, pet care, marketing, finance, cryptocurrency, and every other niche you may think of.
Now, speaking of cryptocurrency websites, you should know that the operations of crypto can’t function without it. It will serve as the primary platform that users can use to access the crypto market and participate in functions like trading, swapping, selling, and even earning coins. Some also major in providing the latest trends and news about the field.

It’s safe to say that there are tens of thousands exclusively reserved for the field, each one having its own set of features, offers, and crypto-related opportunities.
To help you with this topic, we’re going to walk you through the list of 15 of the best cryptocurrency websites that you should consider. Read on to the following sections to learn more.


Coinbase is probably one of the most famous cryptocurrency websites, especially among beginners. It has an easy-to-use interface, and there is absolutely no coding needed to participate in crypto events. The site is also known to have one of the most secure coin storage since it’s also equipped with insurance.
To be more specific, the features that you can access through Coinbase include a crypto manager, scheduled investments, and a ready-to-access market where you can buy and sell your assets.
Coinbase provides an app where you can access its functions even when you’re only using the phone. Check this out if you do choose this site as your primary exchange.

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Since we’re talking about the best cryptocurrency websites, we can’t finish this list without talking about Binance, one of the broadest platforms in terms of coin trading and exchange. The interface can be a little complex, so you may also want to check out their app.
This site has a native currency called the Binance Coin or BNB. Still, you can expect their features to be compatible with other blockchains, such as Ethereum, Ripple, Bitcoin, Litecoin, and likes.
The main advantage of Binance is its accessibility and innovative way of participating in cryptocurrency. Just note that it has a relatively higher processing fee compared to the others on this list.

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Changelly is a rather straightforward crypto website. It runs through a non-custodial exchange and mainly serves as a market for crypto investors who want to focus on managing their assets.
Beginners will like how easy it is to work around the site. It may even be a lot easier to use than Coinbase. Once you sign up for an account, you can immediately start exchanging, selling, trading, and buying assets. Low fees are also guaranteed through the site.
An app version of this site is also available for more convenient use.

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Kraken is one of the very few websites that has been around even before cryptocurrency boomed. It’s a real-time-based exchange, which is probably the main reason why some people find the site’s interface a little complicated. The app version, however, can be a little simpler for traders.
Still, this is worth looking into if you’re dealing with rather risky coins, such as Dogecoins, XLM, and other unstable altcoins. It also has low processing fees and wide coin compatibility.

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Crypto.com has a long line of cryptocurrency-related products and services, which is where its beauty lies.
This is very similar to Coinbase, except that this has lower fees and more versatile functions. It’s also rather new in the field since this has only been around since 2016. Even so, you can expect this to have very ideal offers for both beginners and experts in crypto trading.
Crypto.com also has a very innovative app that will let you access functions in coin trading. It also comes with opportunities to earn coins.

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eToro is a safe and secure crypto trading platform that has a lot of distinct features. This is a big hit for experienced investors because of features, such as exclusive coin perks, sharing of trading strategies, and a lot more. The quality of its security also doesn’t fail to keep up with modern times.
Probably some of the only cons that you may find here are its limited storage and high processing fees. It can also only store USD, which can mean additional fees for investors in countries other than America. Many also doubt the efficiency of their customer support.

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Gemini is a safe, easy-to-use cryptocurrency exchange platform that will suit both beginners and experts. This is known for its advanced and effective security features, so security-conscious holders will definitely find this one of the best choices around when it comes to crypto websites.
The platform also majorly caters to institutional investors or those that keep crypto assets in large amounts. This is because of Gemini’s ability to support most blockchains worldwide, all while being able to regularize exchanges.

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If you’re a crypto investor based in Europe or any of its covered zones, Bitpanda is one of the best websites that you should look into. Since it’s founded and based in Austria, you will have no issues with trying to comply with EU regulations regarding crypto and its activities.
Despite this, it will still be possible to trade and engage in buy-and-sell transactions using this site. Note, though, that this platform is not compatible with interest-yielding assets, so if you’re mainly looking for this, you may want to look into other sites.

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Mercatox is probably one of the most underrated cryptocurrency websites around. It has all the features you will need, including a multi-coin and multi-currency wallet, compatibility with payment gateways, interest earnings, and an overall easy-to-use interface.
All in all, it’s safe to say that using Mercatox will give you access to a versatile and multifunctional cryptocurrency platform. Not to mention, you can also expect relatively lower processing fees for most coins.

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Another security-focused cryptocurrency website is Wirex. It has already established its name as a trustworthy platform in the field, which is actually a big thing considering that we’re talking about a risky and unstable field.
With Wirex, you can participate in most, if not all, of the crypto trading activities. It can serve both as a market and a wallet for both beginners and experts. Another one of the pros that you will be able to experience is the fee-free account setup.

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PrimeXBT is a trading-based platform for cryptocurrency users. It’s known for having low processing fees and secure coin wallets, both of which are significant for crypto investors. It also offers several earning opportunities for the site’s account holders.
Bad news for those based in the USA: this site is currently banned in the said country because of the presence of high-volume derivative trading.

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Voyager is a legitimate all-in-one cryptocurrency platform. Many consider this a broker because it doesn’t have high trading fees and is popular for its highly effective security features. It’s also equipped with advanced technology. This makes it a lot more efficient for crypto traders of all blockchains and expertise.
Note that this website is only compatible with phones, which makes it basically an app in the form of a site.

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Zengo is one of the most hi-tech crypto exchange websites because of the latest features, such as facial recognition (for security), vast coin compatibility, reasonable trading fees, and a lot more. This site also offers the basic functions of exchanging and trading cryptocurrency.
If you’re a beginner who wants to try out other platforms apart from the common sites like Binance and Coinbase, this is what you should be looking into.

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Paybis has a good reputation in the crypto industry when it comes to being secure and trustworthy. It has versatile compatibilities with multiple payment gateways, blockchain technologies, and currencies, which is one of its main pros.
Another thing that you will like is its fast transactions with low processing fees. This is definitely a big advantage compared to other platforms that need to have at least one day to process withdrawals.

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CoinDesk is a little more different than the crypto websites above but is still one of the most necessary platforms that you should tune in to every once in a while.
The site releases accurate statistical data and news about cryptocurrency, blockchains, the current and future prices of certain coins, and so much more. It also covers topics, such as related crypto events and strategies, which makes it a reliable learning resource.
The main focus of CoinDesk, however, lies in Bitcoin, so it will be a lot helpful if you’re majoring in the said blockchain.

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