16 Best Movie Review Websites

Whether you’re into rom-coms, action movies or you just love the classics, there is a film for everyone; finding something that will entertain and resonate with you, however, can be a little difficult.
You don’t want to risk wasting 2 hours of your precious leisure time on a less than mediocre movie and you certainly don't want to start watching something that is less than appropriate for your children to watch along with you.
And there is even a subset of people that want to know all the little production details and hear what other link-minded “film nerds” have to say about a particular movie.
For all of the reasons above, we have compiled the 15 Best Movie Review Sites which will allow you to read reviews online or listen to them on a podcast.
Keep on reading if you want to know what they are.

Rotten Tomatoes

If you’re a lover of films, you’ll know that Rotten Tomoates is practically everyone's go-to, to get a quick summary and rating of all movies that are about to hit the theaters or that are available to rent.
If you want a general sense of a movie, then look no further - the “Tomatometer” gives you a percentage score and a little bit about the movie so you can decide whether it's worth your time.
If you’re looking for something in-depth, then Rotten Tomatoes also features critics’ long form reviews which you can sink your teeth into if you want to absolutely make certain a movie is for you.

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Plugged in

If you’re a parent, then PluggedIn should be your go-to place if you need reviews and details about a particular movie your child might be going to see.
It gives a quick overview of the story and then goes into the positive and negative aspects including things like violence, language, and sexual content.
It does sometimes, give you too much information to the point where it's going to spoil the movie, but if you want to be absolutely certain your child isn’t going to be watching something that isn't appropriate for them, it's worth it.
As a side note: they also review TV shows, books, music, and video games.

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Film Comment

Film Comment is certainly for the film buffs out there who are looking to read articles about all the different artistic aspects of a movie, not just to know if a movie is enjoyable for their own viewing sake.
Film Comment puts out a magazine filled to the brim with these long-form, in-depth articles - which they have been writing and publishing for nearly 60 years - so you definitely know it’s going to be high quality.
If you’re looking to discover obscure films across the industry, look no further.

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Mad about Movies

Published weekly, this is a podcast where 3 guys talk about films in general, followed by an in-depth nerdy look at a highlighted movie (depending on what has been released in recent times) followed by their recommendations for the week.
On top of this, they have episodes where they feature interviews of some of the directors, and actors of the movies they love to talk about - this is a great movie review site you can listen to on the go, perfect for anyone who just loves films, outside of just simply watching them.

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Greenlight reviews

A show which looks deep into movies, hosted by Hollywood critics Ann Elder and Les Roberts, their experience in the industry is going to give you an expert look into all the sorts of different aspects of a film; the script, direction, casting, and overall the positive and negatives of the movie.
Of course, there can be spoilers here and there, but generally, they do a great job not giving away major plot details whilst still being informative and entertaining.
Again, if you’re not someone who enjoys reading but would rather listen to a podcast - Greenlight reviews is definitely a website you should check out.

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Just like Rotten Tomatoes, IMDb is one of the most common places anyone and everyone looks into seeing if a movie is worth watching.
Featuring movie reviews from established critics to random people on the internet, you’re going to be able to get a range of opinions.
You can also quickly see the cast of these films, to know if you’re going to enjoy them based on who they are staring - they also have great discoverability features so you can easily find other movies you might want to stick on your watch list for future viewing.

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Of course, the Guardian is primarily not a movie reviews site, but they do offer some witty insight into the latest movies that makes them entertaining to read but still informative enough to know what you might be getting yourself into.
They’ve covered all of the classics, and publish reviews whenever something new comes out that’s worth watching - so while not a traditional movie review site, still worth keeping on your radar.

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Meta Critic

They have a similar system to Rotten Tomates where you can quickly see a % score to see what people in the industry thought of it, as well as your average moviegoer.
Of course, they produce in-depth reviews if you’re looking to read something a little more in-depth but this is just simply another awesome movie review site that will give you exactly what you need to know.
On top of this, they also cover the latest video games, tv shows, and brand new music releases.

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Film.com (moved to MTV)

If you’re looking for more than just a star rating on the latest films, then Film.com offers long-form reviews so that you can build a better picture as to what the movie is about, and if it’s going to be worth going to see in person or renting at a later date.
On top of just reviews, they also talk about upcoming releases as well as producing entertaining blog posts about things going on in Hollywood at the moment - certainly a great site if you want to keep in the know about the latest films and trends in the industry.

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Whilst Flixter themselves offer reviews on the latest films, they are also a great place to go if you want to see things like cinema times and DVD releases.
Making them the ideal place to go for all your film needs - especially if you want to find new movies that are coming out that haven't quite got the buzz of the mainstream industry yet.

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Having produced over 1.1million articles about the film industry as a whole as well as reviewing over 130,000 different movie titles, MrQE has a large catalog of information perfect for film buffs or casual viewers.
They feature reviews from critics or just average people looking to get their thoughts on a page after seeing the movie themselves; this way you can get both sides of the coin in terms of how people are feeling about the movie.

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Yahoo Movies

Yahoo, now there's a website you probably haven't heard in a while. But as a moviegoer, you’ll be happy to know they are producing some of the best film content in the industry, under the name “Yahoo Movies”
With reviews from all sorts of people around the world, they cover everything from huge blockbusters to little short films you’ve never heard of - so if you’re looking to get your teeth into something new, then we’d suggest going Yahoo Movies a try.

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Roger Ebert

Roger Ebert wrote in-depth reviews on nearly every film released that was every worth watching - as well as a hand full of unique films you never heard about.
And whilst, of course, due to his death in 2013, you’re not getting to get insightful looks about the latest films, you’re definitely going to be covered when you want to take an in-depth look at some of the absolute classics thanks to the extraordinary back catalog.

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Whilst they launched with the attention of being a public forum for independent-minded filmmakers, and movie lovers alike over the last two decades they have grown into a great source for film and television news, reviews, interviews, and global festival coverage.
Despite its growth, it is still a great place up and coming filmmakers, and whilst there is now no user content as before, outside of professional reviews, it does cover plenty of aspects of the indie movie scene.

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Screen Rant

Screen Rant is one of the biggest online players when it comes to everything to do with films and the movie industry as a whole. With a variety of sections all filled to the brim with great writers, which certainly makes up for the lack of user input, Screen Rants reviews are usually regarded as the most trust worth on the web - certainly a place to be if you want trustworthy reviews, info on latest trends and plenty of gossips.
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Actorsday.com / Actors, movies & shows

Actorsday.com is the ultimate site for movie buffs who can't miss any movie event. Here you will not only find the date of birth of your favorite movie actor/actress, but also the actor's biography and in which movies and series he/she starred.
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Share 16 Best Movie Review Websites