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You might be looking for inspiration as you’re about to start your journey on becoming the worlds best internet blogger or perhaps you just want some new reading material, whatever the case may be, I have created this list of the 15 best blogs on the internet you can delve into whenever you feel like.
They are in no particular order, and they come from a range of different niches, but I think you’ll be able to find some inspiration in terms of how they write, how they’ve designed their website, or just the topic they’re talking about.
At the very least, I think you’ll be able to find some entertainment in what they’re writing about, and who knows, by the end of it you might have found yourself a new favorite blogging community to be a part of.
Enough of this intro, let’s get into it.

Tech Savvy Mama

First starting her blog in 2018, the former teacher and technology specialist has dedicated the best part of 14 years blogging all about living in the modern world full of technology, as a parent of 2.
Focusing on how technology not only changes her life, her children's lives but everyone else's too - how technology has improved and in some ways hindered family life, as well as being the one-stop-shop for technical knowledge as a whole.
Receiving honors from YouTube Kids Parent Panel and being one of the Top 50 Mom Blogs on the internet, if you’re a parent and you love technology, this is going to be a great place for you to connect with someone just like you.

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Apartment Therapy

Initially created in 2001 by Maxwell Ryan, who is an interior designer turned blogger, grew this blog to just over a 21million followers and since then has turned Apartment Therapy into a full-fledged media company specializing in the same area.
It has become a true giant in the interior design world.
So, if you’re looking to give a dreary space in your home a modern make-over and you’re not sure where to start, Apartment Therapy has plenty of articles, how-to guides, and even house tours that will certainly help with your brain fog.
Even if you just want to be in awe of what people can do with their homes, look no further than this interior design blog.

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My Fitness Pal

They started out originally with an app to help people reach their fitness goals, My Fitness Pal has rolled this over into one of the best fitness blogs on the internet. Providing their loyal fanbase with plenty of free information such as healthy recipes, nutrition advice, weight loss tips as well as workout routines.
If you’re looking to enhance your routine or get set on the right track when it comes to taking your fitness goals much more seriously, their blog is filled to the brim with free actionable knowledge that can allow you can implement today.

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Cookie and Kate

Kate (and Cookie her dog) have been blogging together since 2010, and whilst Cookie may not do any blogging, she is certainly a part of the blog as the number 1 crumb catcher.
Featuring healthy vegan recipes, this is one of the best blogs in the foodie industry in terms of the quality you’re receiving in the free posts as well as the entertainment value you get from reading every line - her can-do attitude shines through in every blog post and you won’t be subject to content mil garbage like other blogs in her niche.

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P.S I’m On My Way

A Philippines-born blogger, Trisha shares her adventures from her travels all over the world, at this point, I don't think there is a corner of the planet that she has yet to visit - wishes mean there is a lot of great content to get through.
Not only is it just an entertaining place to be, but there is also the technical information about traveling that is going to be useful to many readers; answering tricky questions about visas, travel budgets, traveling solo, and much, much more.

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The blog is about exactly what it says on the tin. Etenrpenaur is a website that produces helpful content for people who want to go lone wolf and carve out a career path for themselves; whether that opening up their own storefront, e-commerce shop, or just doing a bit of freelance work.
And even if that’s not for you, they do provide content about the latest marking trends and investment tips which you should be interested in if you do any sort of investing on a small or large scale.

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Fast Company

In a similar vein to the previous entry, Fast Company provides information on innovation technology, world-changing ideas, design, creativity as well as giving their readers economic news and advice on how to grow their businesses.
Honestly, they have a little something for everyone. Even you just want to get ahead of the crowd and see where our digital age will take us next or cool ideas people in Silicon Valley are coming up with that you can use as table talk at the next family gathering, its worth a read.

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If you’re looking for the latest info on music, festivals, podcast, basically anything about music, then Pitchfork has you covered. They provide you with a service that is free of ds and clickbait’ which means you’re only going to be reading the highest quality and well-thought-out articles that the industry has to offer.
The best part; Pitchfork doesn’t focus on a specific genre or group of artists, so if you listen to music (which you probably are right reading this) you should definitely give them a click.

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This is definitely not going to be liked by 50% of you, but this next blog, BroBible, prides itself on featuring the latest articles for “everything guys care about”; that might be sports, fashion advice, dating game, video games, and whatever else you can think of.
Of course, this is still a great place for anyone to go, regardless of your gender because of the large catalog of content that they have been churning out for the last 10+ years, but I believe its a very unique blog, one that has been well put together and deserving of its spot on this list.

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Cryptocurrency is a very confusing topic to wrap your head around, but CoinDesk produces some top-quality blog posts content on the subject to make the learning curve much more bearable.
On top of this, if you decide you want to gamble your money on some alt-coins, they provide plenty of legit advice about the latest and great crypto assets and blockchain technologies you should be keeping an eye out for if you want to become the next bedroom billionaire in your sleep.

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E! News

If you love a bit of gossip, you’ll love this next blog. E! News offer legit news on the latest juicy talk coming out of Hollywood, including general gossip, the latest celebrity rumors, and exclusive interview with your favorite actor and actresses.
This is in the form of high-quality long-form articles, paparazzi photos, and even live online episodes which sum up the latest news in a more digestible form so you can take the gossip about Hollywoods most popular celebrities wherever you go.

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Gizmodo primarily focuses on the subject of design and technology while also staying in touch with other numerous areas like science and in rare cases, depending on what's going on in the world, politics.
Through its rapid growth over just a couple of months, the blog has partnered with various international firms and has since launched a version of its original content across Europe in languages such as Spanish, Portuguese and German.

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CopyBlogger has been around since 2006, and Brain Clark, the original creator, has been immersed in the online marketing field since 1998. He was even a content marketing before the term content marketing was even coined.
Today, the blog, now under its parent company Rainmaker Digital, constantly releases useful information about online tools digital marketers can use to enhance their reach on social media - even if you're not a "digital marketer" it would be interesting to know how your favorite influencers are hitting your timeline so often!

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Definitely the weirdest entry on this list, I’m honestly not sure how I can sum it up into words what this blog is even about - I’ll try to - but you should go check it out for yourself instead.
Launched in 2000, at its best BoingBoing combines the seriousness of politics with wicked dark humor as well as producing beautifully strange posts about the goings-on in Hollywood and even stranger articles about the odd stuff people get up to behind closed doors.
As I said, it's hard to explain, but go check it out for yourself. You. Will. Not. Regret. It.

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Say Yes

Say Yes is a go-to lifestyle blog for many people. It's all about doing interesting things you wouldn't normally do; whether that's taking vacations to countries you’ve never heard of before, trying out some new cuisine, or simply trying out that hobby you've always been putting off.
If you’re looking for inspiration on how you can attack the world head-on, this blog is definitely a good start.

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