15 Best Fast Food Websites

There's no doubt that fast food is a staple in many diets. It's quick, easy, and cheap - perfect for those on the go.
But not all fast food is created equal.
In this blog post, we will be discussing and reviewing 15 of the best fast food websites out there. We'll cover what each website has to offer, as well as what sort of information you can expect when you use their website.
So whether you're looking for a new place to eat, a cool and interesting fast food blog to follow, then keep reading.

The Impulsive Buy

The Impulsive Buy is a website that covers all things fast food. They have restaurant reviews, product reviews, and even coverage of fast food news.
They 'specialize' in the junk food category, and review the latest sweet tooth snacks from around the world as soon as they hit the shelves.
Their site is pretty basic, but it's simple enough that you can get around it without too much struggle - though what it lacks in web design it definitely makes up for in content.
If you're looking for a comprehensive resource on all things fast food, specifically junk food (and even nutrition information), then The Impulsive Buy is the website for you.

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Junk Banter

Junk Banter is the lovechild of two lunatics who are more enthusiastic about junk food than anybody should be.
These psychos have set out to try every new junk food that has been introduced in the cosmos, which is their crusade.
This blog chronicles their journey to inevitable failure, including product evaluations, industry news, and other related nonsense.
If you're looking for 'serious' reviews, then this probably isn't the fast-food blog for you - but if you're looking for witty yet insightful commentary on the latest junk food in the industry, this should be your go-to.

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Brand Eating

Brand Eating, is a blog all about hunting down the latest and greatest brand foods that are brought out seemingly every day. Whether it's junk food you can grab off the shelves or fast food you can get from the biggest supply chains in the world, Brand Eating covers it all.
They even have a neat little section on the website that covers current deals & specials which are available - so after you read one of their reviews, you can go try the food out for yourself and see if you agree with their blog!

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Food and Fasting

Food and Fasting have the vegan side of the fast-food reviews covered. Although in recent times it has shifted its focus to homemade foods, it does have many, many food reviews in its catalog that you can get your teeth into.
On top of this, the blog also covers fasting. This is another area of nutrition, alongside veganism, which is very new but very interesting - so if you're looking to throw the meat out of your diet and perhaps even try fasting for yourself, this is the blog for you.

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Frusher on Food

This fast food blog focuses most of its attention on the Nottingham food scene. But sometimes, Alen, the blog's owners, travels elsewhere in the UK, as well as other places in the world, to find out what fast food joints have to offer.
He has been going for just over 10 years and has visited around about 250+ different faster food restaurants - meaning that, if you're interested in fast food, this he has a great catalog of content you should check out if you're looking for something new to try - especially if you're from Nottingham.

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Fast Food Menu Prices

Fast Food Menu Prices... well it's in the name! I shouldn't have to explain what this site is all about. Although, alongside keeping fast food website menus like McDonald's and Burger King up to date on their website, they also provide nutritional information, coupon codes, and the latest news on the industry.
They even have a career section, so if you're really interested in working within the fast-food industry yourself, no matter if you want to just flip burgers or run your restaurant. They have all the info necessary.

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Halal Food Blog

Just like one of our previous entries covering vegan food, The Halal Food Blog is a necessary website in the fast-food industry. Although Halal isn't anything new, it is quite difficult to find fast-food joints that feature halal food on their menu...but this website has you covered.
Whilst it may not be the most well-put-together blog out there, they do have plenty of content and articles that feature restaurants all over the world so that you can find a local halal food spot near you.
And if you're not sure what halal food even is, they have plenty of information on the topic so you can educate yourself, and perhaps even try the food for yourself.

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Awesome Cuisine

Awesome Cusine is a blog about fast food, but it's all about how to replicate your favorite fast food dishes in a much healthier way. It's sort of anti-fast food in a way, but it is still one of the most interesting blogs on fast food out there.
If you're looking to be healthier while still eating your favorite dishes, and perhaps learn some new cooking skills you never knew you had. Then Check out awesome Cuisine, their website is easy to use and features dishes for all sorts of tastebuds.

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Junk Food Guy

Junk Food guy primarily focuses on...well, junk food. He has even made it mandatory that he features no restaurant review style posts on his blog - although you can find them on his Instagram if you look hard enough.
Primarily featuring foods from the US-junk food scene, you're going to be able to find out about the latest snacks that this country has to offer, and whether or not they are worth your time and money.
This picture-heavy website makes it feel like you're enjoying the junk food along with him, which is a great design choice as you start salivating with every review you read.

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Fast Food Source

Fast Food Source features reviews from all your favorite Fast Food chains like McDonald's, Popeyes, and Burger King. Unlike other blogs, this website features videos instead of long-form articles (although there is some copy between each video and photo)
So if you're more of a visual person, then the Fast Food Source blog is worth a look into.
Also, the owner reviews fast food apps too, not something other fast-food blogs are actively doing.

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Me So Hungry

Me So Hungry has one of the most visually pleasing fast food websites out there in the niche, and although they don't post quite as often as the other website on this list. It seems to me that they only feature high-quality reviews, so they are definitely worth waiting for.
Something that is unique to this blog is that they review very weird fast food items such as 'Chunky Beer N Cheese Soup in a Can' which looks absolutely repulsive but was a very entertaining video to watch nonetheless.
Overall, if you're looking for entertainment and food reviews, Me So Hungry is a pretty good option.

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So Good Food Blog

So Good Food, like a couple of other fast food blogs on this list, features more than just reviews on the food you love. They also give tips on home cooking, which will help you to become a much healthier eater.
On top of this, they also feature more bloggy-style content taking about the best services for fast foods, or why you should push the boat out and not order the same thing over and over.
Overall, if you're looking for more than just fast food reviews, So Good Food Blog is so good.

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HackTheMenu, alongside fast-food reviews, focuses its main attention on menus of fast-food restaurants like KFC and McDonalds - keeping you up to date with the latest prices so you can always be getting the best deals.
Interestingly though, they feature a 'secret menu' category on their blog where they talk about food items that you might not know about or even think to ask for when you go eat at your favorite spots. No idea how they know about these 'secret menus' but they claim to!

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Burger Me! A London Burger Blog

Burger Me coves burgers across London and has been featured on sites like BBC News and CNBC for their work. This is another blog that is both entertaining and interesting.
Giving insights on the best spots to eat burgers in London and they even have their own scoring system so you can truly know what the best burger spot is out there.
They even have a pretty unique feature; a 'burger map' where you can quickly see the best burger restaurants in London, so you don't need to scroll through 100's of posts to find the best burgers if you're hungry for one right now.

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Junk Food Report

Junk Food Report is a collaborative website where many people contribute to their junk food reviews - I suppose it can be quite a lot for one person to eat so much junk food.
Featuring posts about the latest menu additions from McDonald's, KFC, Burger King, and all the other fast-food restaurants you love, this is a great place to go if you're just as enthusiastic about junk food as they are and you want to become a reviewer!

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