15 Best Sharing Cars Websites

The traditional car rentals have numbered days as the car sharing concept is getting more and more popularity, these days. The car sharing market has seen a recent hike and there are some major players in the market that are keeping this concept alive. If you are new to this concept, then you need to first know about – what is car sharing? The car sharing program allows a member to use a car of a private individual when they need to use it. Though this program is getting a lot of popularity now, SHARING CARS is there in the market for a long time. Each one of them has something special to offer creating the competition quite tough. But every website or app offers the same benefits of driving someone else’s car when you are in need.

There are some major benefits of car sharing. Some of the benefits that you can enjoy if you opt for car sharing are:

* Can help in saving money
* Can help in reducing Greenhouse gas emissions
* Reduces the traffic on the road
* Comes with fewer restrictions than that of car rentals
* Enjoy all the benefits of having your own car

There are different types of car sharing websites available with different business models. These are – B2B model, B2C model, P2P model and non-profit model. To make it easier and better for you to choose the right website for car sharing services, we have shortlisted 15 best websites that allow you to share cars. We have reviewed each and every website so that it can help you to understand which one will be the perfect website for you.


If you are looking for the best apps of website for SHARING CARS when you need, then you have landed at the right page. We are here to help you find the best 15 websites that can offer you with the most reliable and safe car sharing experience. These are:


One of the most popular and reliable websites for car sharing facility is ZipCar. You can easily signup if you have attained the legal age for driving a car. While signing up, you have to present your driving license for age verification and other safety reasons.
Once you have signed in, you have to just pick up a plan to be the member of the website. After that, ZipCar will verify your license and confirm you identity. As this process is over and you get the approval, you can go ahead and book your trip through their website.

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Share 15 Best Sharing Cars Websites


Another great website for car sharing is GetAround. It is one of the leading digital platforms for car sharing worldwide. It offers a cost effective alternative program for you rather than owning car of your own. You can register your vehicle too for sharing it as well as you can book a car from an owner for your need too.
It is a trustworthy, reliable and safe car sharing website that can help you in different ways. Also, it comes with 24/7 customer as well as host support. So, if you have any queries, you can simply connect them and they are always there to assist you.

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This is another popular car sharing service and it has a huge marketplace all over the world. This is a peer-to-peer service that doesn’t own any cars of its own. It just connect a user to a host who wants share his car to another person.
You can register as a user to share someone’s car as well as a host for sharing your car. Here the driver who wants to share the car has to meet with the owner to exchange the key for using the car. It is a reliable service which is operational all over the world.

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Enterprise Carshare

This is another unique SHARING CARS website that caters to the need of the people looking for sharing a car for their needs. This website focuses mainly on the students who need cars for colleges and universities. It is available in different cities all over America. This service also provides the gas along with the car.
As the price of this car sharing website is quite low, it has allowed students too to drive the car whenever needed. This website charges a one-time fee along with a fee for annual membership. The membership fee can vary from one location to another.

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Another great website that you can rely on is HyreCar. It is an amazing and reliable car sharing service with a unique concept of delivering packages and foods to the destination. Drivers can easily rent the car from this peer to peer platform for their needs.
It offers a free signup for the drivers. It also allows the owners interested to share the car signup for free in their website.

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Share 15 Best Sharing Cars Websites


One of the best websites for car sharing facility is the Car2Go. This is one of the best platforms that can offer you the best in class services for both the owners who want to share their cars and for the users who want to rent the cars.
This website also includes the gas in their car sharing app. This website offers their services in many cities all over the USA.

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Gig Car Share

This is another great car sharing website which can help the owner as well as the user with their seamless service. The cost of the membership at GIG car share can vary from one location to another. But overall, this website offers service at a reasonable price.
The maximum number of days you can share the car is 7 days. But in Sacramento, you can take the car for 14 days.

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Ithaka Carshare

This is a non-profit car sharing service that is available for both users and owners. The main objective of this service is to provide the best services to enhance the commute system reducing the impact on the environment.
Ithaca Carshare has a very unique concept of SHARING CARS. It is a startup company and quite reliable one for the users.

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This is one of the largest and most reputed car sharing companies which is mainly based in Europe. It is operational in more than 100 countries all over the world. It offers both leasing and renting of cars where the owners and users both can sign up for.
The business model of this company is B2C and B2B offering the best services to cater the needs of the users. It manages over 4,500 cars worldwide. Since 2011, Sixt has been one of the best options in the USA too.

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Share Now

One of the biggest and most reliable online car sharing platforms is the Share Now app. It is operational in 18 different cities in 8 different countries of Europe. It manages a huge fleet of cars all over the Europe.
The best part is that the company offers the high-end cars from BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Mini and more. All these are available just at your fingertip. You can download the app from the Play Store (Android) or App Store (iOS).

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Share 15 Best Sharing Cars Websites

Travel West

Want to save money as well as save environment while traveling? Travel West is a website for car sharing that offers you both with their seamlessly efficient service. This is one of the best services for both the car owners and the users.
It is an easy to use app which you can simple download and signup for enjoying the services. It has a great network of best users as well as owners to offer you an efficient service.

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Ego Carshare

One of the first and most reliable non-profit car sharing website is eGo CarShare. Being located in Colorado, it offers a great service to the local people for the best commute experience.
The main objective of this service is to have a more positive impact on the environment as well as on the health of the local people. Thus, they can help the community to grow better.

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This is another car sharing app which is great option to consider if you are looking forward to share cars. It is one of the best and most convenient solutions for the users who want to share a car for a long term. This app is primarily built for a local solution.
But later on it has become one of the best options to consider for sharing cars for your needs. It automatically detects the nearest available car from your location and help you to connect to the owner.

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Hertz 24/7

This is one of the best car sharing website that offers a wide range of vehicles from gasoline to electric to choose from. With the help of this app, you can share a car for your ride from the owner.
This can help in eliminating the traffic jam offering exceptional convenience. You can opt for their car sharing services at some amazing discounts too by using certain payment modes. Try it today!

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Flinkster Car Sharing

This is one of the on-demand websites in Germany for SHARING CARS. It is one of the best ones available in the market right now. It is operational in more than 300 cities with different sizes of cars available all over.
It mainly operates between the stations and airports to the cities and rural areas. Thus, it offers convenience to the users while helping you to save money from buying a car and saving the environment too.

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