15 Best News Websites

In this speedily changing world, almost everyone owns a smartphone and has internet connectivity, thus, carrying and buying a newspaper seems difficult and inconvenient. In this article, we will discuss the 15 best news online websites in the world.

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A few years back, reading newspapers was considered one of the greatest leisure activities one can have. Nowadays, in this busy world, people barely have time to go out and purchase a newspaper. Therefore, here is where the role of online news websites comes into play.

Online news websites or portals will allow you to read daily news with ease. Firstly, let us have an understanding of the upsides and downsides of the information received from these well-known news websites.


* It will save a lot of money that you would spend on buying multiple newspapers every day.
* It will help you to maintain or retain the daily habit of reading news and thus be updated about the world.
* It will permit you to transfer or share the news via the internet (link, social media, etc.) with someone else living in a whole different geographic location.
* It will help you to be up-to-date if you subscribe to an online news website.


* It has decreased the sale and production of traditional newspapers and print media.
* It highly affected the newspaper media who did not shift online.
* If you are in a low internet connectivity zone or if you lose internet connectivity or if your smartphone battery dies, you will not be able to receive online news.

The most popular 15 global websites are Yahoo News, Google News, The Huffington Post, CNN, The New York Times, Fox News, NBC News, Mail Online, The Washington Post, The Guardian, BBC News, ABC News, The Wall Street Journal, Al Jazeera, and MSNBC.

Yahoo News

Yahoo News has been here with us for a long time and it is one of the top news sites in the world. It originated as an internet-based platform that was created by Yahoo!. Now, it has a mobile application as well.
Yahoo News will offer you news related to every segment such as finance, sports, entertainment, celebrities, and politics. You will find news from every category curated by correspondents and authors specialized in distinct segments.

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Google News

It is the second most popular news website across the globe. You will be able to find domains according to different regions depending upon your geographical location.
You can find the most trending news in the section called op Stories’ on Google news. It is further followed by a section called or You’ that contains news stories exclusively curated for you based on your past likings and interactions.
Unlike the Yahoo news site, all new news is sourced from various news websites. News titles can provide you with an overview of the content. You will be able to read the full news by visiting any particular website.
Every article will open on the mobile application of Google news (no browser required). Whereas, in the website version, you will be redirected to the whole article.

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The Huffington Post

Huffington Post has over 115 million visitors every month. Like Yahoo News, it provides news stories related to every segment such as finance, sports, entertainment, celebrities, technology, and politics.
This website has a unique and clean layout interface that is hugely loved by visitors.

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CNN has over 100 million visitors every month and it is one of the speedily growing news websites across the globe. Due to the increasing fan base or user base, they have launched their own mobile application available on the Play Store and AppStore.
They also have a television news channel viewed by millions of people every day across the globe. It ranks 103 globally according to the Alexa ranking.

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The New York Times

They have over 75 million visitors every month. It is originally an American-based newspaper located in New York City that started publishing on the web in 1996.
It has news related to business, arts, sports, technology/science, travel, home, food, entertainment, world news, and many more. It is even available as a mobile application (iPad app).
The layout interface of The New York Times website is very similar to traditional newspapers. This unique property makes it more unique compared to its competitors.
It ranks 114 globally according to the Alexa ranking.

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Fox News

They have over 70 million visitors every month. It originated from a US-based television channel owned by the Fox Entertainment Group. The website has a color combination of white and blue that appeals to a huge mass of people.
The news segment has a huge similarity with the Yahoo news and it has a news segment with content related to finance, sports, entertainment, celebrities, politics, and many more.
It ranks 251 globally according to the Alexa ranking.

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NBC News

They have over 65 million visitors every month. It originated from an American-based television channel NBC and it was formerly called the National Broadcasting Company. Their website faces huge traffic that majorly comes from Europe and the US. They have different social media handles as well that are loved by a fairly huge mass.
It ranks 755 globally according to the Alexa ranking.

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Mail Online

The next on this list is Mail Online which has over 55 million visitors every month. It originated from a British-based newspaper called the Daily Mail and it is an online portal that is currently growing very fast. Mail Online is a separate division of the dmg media owned by General Trust plc. and Daily Mail. According to other websites, Mail Online is considered the fastest-growing news website in the region of North Asia.
It is a site that mainly focuses on entertainment, lifestyle, and personal finance.
It has a simple design interface layout that appeals to a lot of people and it ranks 200 globally according to the Alexa ranking.

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The Washington Post

The next on this list is the Washington Post which has over 50 million visitors every month. It is very similar to The New York Times. It is an American-based news website that was originally used to run a traditional newspaper. Its traditional newspaper or print sales have the widest circulation in the metropolitan area of Washington thus, it is very popular.
It ranks 222 globally according to the Alexa ranking.

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The Guardian

Now, on this list is The Guardian which has over 45 million visitors every month.
It is another British-based newspaper firm that has a stronghold and influence over the people of the UK. It was formerly known as The Manchester Guardian and it has two sister newspapers known as The Guardian Weekly and The Observer.
They have online news as well as an archive of above 3 million news stories. They have also launched their online Android and iOS mobile application. It has a free comment section that consists of columns written by regular people and paper journalists.
They have a very unique theme and content that attracts a huge mass of people.

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BBC News

Now, on this list is BBC News which has over 40 million visitors every month.
It is a popular online news segment of the British Broadcasting Corporation.
This website offers coverage of international news, entertainment, politics, and science and technology. The majority of their reports are video and audio-enabled that is curated from the BBC’s radio and television news services. It has similar content and layout as its sister website called the BBC Sport.
They provide local content on their BBC Weather website.
It ranks 97 globally according to the Alexa ranking.

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ABC News

They have over 40 million visitors every month. It is a news division of an American-based Broadcasting Company that is owned by the network of Disney Media (a division of The Walt Disney Company).
Their website layout is also unique than any other online portal. This attracts a lot of traffic to their website.
It ranks 1295 globally according to the Alexa ranking.

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The Wall Street Journal

They have over 40 million visitors every month. It is another American-based online news website that is totally business-focused. It even runs a social media channel (YouTube channel) with subscribers of almost 1.2 million.
Its website layout interface is intriguingly similar to modern-day newspapers.
It ranks 573 globally according to the Alexa ranking.

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Al Jazeera

It is a Qatar-based online news portal that maintains editorial independence. They have a network called the Al Jazeera English that was launched in the year 2003 followed by the Al Jazeera International satellite service in the year 2005. It mainly emphasizes politics, business, and sports.
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It is an American-based news website that was originally a pay television channel located in New York City. It is owned by the NBV Universal Group and it offers NBC news coverage and its individual political commentary and reporting on current events.
It was founded under a partnership between NBC General Electric and Microsoft, hence the name MSNBC.

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