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The power of music is incredible. It is a universal language that transforms lives in many different ways. It symbolizes many things, including love, hope, unity, joy, sadness, and more. You can listen to songs for hours. How many people do remember the lyrics? It is a difficult task for many people to remember the lines. That is where the importance of lyrics websites comes in.

Are you finding it hard to remember your favorite artist’s lines? Do you plan for karaoke? Whatever might be the reason, you must know the lyrics to get into the soul of musical creation. Where to find the lyrics of your favorite songs?

You can come across numerous lyrics websites today. The vital thing is to identify trusted online sources that provide accurate information. The abundance of choices makes the selection a difficult task. Here are the top 15 lyrics websites you can rely on to know the lyrics of your favorite songs.

Song lyrics at Lyrics.cat

Search for song lyrics of your favourite singer or music band. On Lyrics.cat you will search over all of the internet lyrics webites.
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AZ lyrics

AZ Lyrics is a trusted online source to find the lyrics of your favorite songs. You can find song lyrics arranged in alphabetic order based on the artist's names. There is also a search filter on this lyrics website that permits you to discover the lyrics based on artists and songs. AZ Lyrics displays accurate results immediately.

The database of this website contains more than 300,000 song lyrics. You can find the songs of around 7,000 artists. With smooth navigation features and a simple interface, this online song lyrics platform provides an enjoyable user experience. As the name suggests, AZ Lyrics covers everything about lyrics to meet the needs of music enthusiasts. You can also submit lyrics to this website and become a contributor.

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Genius works as a reliable friend of all music lovers. This lyrics website offers song lyrics, stories behind the songs, and many other aspects to keep the visitors 100% satisfied. It is hard to find a better online platform than Genius that promotes fruitful interactions between singers, creators, and music lovers. The advanced search filters display results instantly with 100% precision.

This crowd-sourced lyrics website is a passionate community of more than two million contributors. All details are arranged systematically to help users find suitable lyrics and other related information without wasting a lot of time. You can find information on the song lyrics, preview, album, and artist on every lyric page.

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Lyrics freak

Lyrics Freak is a popular lyrics website with an excellent track record. The interface looks clean and organized. You can use the search filter to conduct searches based on artists and songs. There is also an option of searching the lyrics using the alphabet listed on the site. You can always expect this lyrics website to display accurate results instantly.

If you look at the homepage, you can find the top 100 charts with their lyrics. This page also contains categories such as featured lyrics and updates. You can become a contributor by submitting your favorite lyrics. Overall, Lyrics Freak is a reliable source to identify the song lyrics of your favorite artists.

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If you are looking for one of the most reputed lyrics websites available today, you can definitely choose Musixmatch. Founded in 2010, this website covers more than 80 languages. 6 million contributors have listed more than 40 million song lyrics on Musixmatch. This lyrics website lets you find song lyrics by artists, words, or titles.

The Top Lyrics page of Musixmatch provides lyrics of the most searched songs on this platform. The search filter generates immediate results with 100% accuracy. You can also find your favorite song lyrics using the alphabet listed at the bottom of this website. Further, Musixmatch supports sharing and embedding of song lyrics.

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Song lyrics

Song Lyrics is a trustworthy online platform to meet your song lyrics requirements. It covers a wide variety of genres, including Rock, R&B, Country, Hip Hop/Rap, Pop, and Christian music. You can also use categories such as Top Songs, Top Artists, Top Albums, Upcoming Artists, Upcoming Songs, and Billboard Hot 100 to find the lyrics of your favorite song.

The search filter available on this lyrics website lets you perform searches based on artists, albums, and songs. The home page also features Top 23 Song Lyrics and Top 100 of All Time. If you want to submit lyrics, you just need to complete a simple registration process.

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Lyrics mode

As a renowned lyrics website with an impeccable reputation, Lyrics Mode offers lyrics of a wide variety of musical compositions. The database of this online resource contains more than 700,000 lyrics from around 30,000 artists. You can conduct searches based on artists, albums, songs, and alphabets.

You can post any lyrics to your blog or website using the Flash Widget feature. Lyrics can be submitted to the archive as well. Lyrics Mode lets you create a personal profile if you complete a simple registration process. Various categories on the homepage such as Charts, Top New, and Updates, allow you to find your favorite lyrics easily and fast.

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Direct lyrics

Many music lovers rely on Direct Lyrics to find the lyrics of their favorite songs. This lyrics website provides quality information on the latest music releases. The number of monthly visitors on this site is around 1 million. You can find authentic, reliable, and error-free information on this site.

The Direct Lyrics music blog helps you stay up-to-date with the latest news in the music industry. When you visit this lyrics website, you don’t have to worry about ringtone pop-ups, overlays, or other irritating low-quality ads. This online platform has the license to display lyrics of all leading music publishers since 2010.

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Mojim Lyrics

You can find lyrics of a wide array of songs from different parts of the world on this lyrics website. Mojim Lyrics lets you perform searches based on singer, album, song, and lyrics. You can expect fast and accurate results. Various categories listed on this online resource include Top Songs, Recently Added, and Top Albums.

When you search for particular song lyrics, you can find lyrics, album lists, singer introduction, and related videos. If you are searching for the most popular songs of American, Asian, Japanese, and Korean musicians, you can rely on this lyrics website. This site also allows you to submit new lyrics or modify the existing ones.

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Lets sing it

If you are looking for one of the biggest music lyrics archives around, you can choose Lets Sing It (LSI). This lyrics website has the license to publish lyrics since 2005. In addition to lyrics, this music community provides music-related information such as album tracklists, videos, pictures, and a large forum where music enthusiasts can share their views with each other.

You can search this online platform to find lyrics of all genres of music. If you type the name of the album, song, or singer on the search bar located on top of the homepage, you will receive instant results. This lyrics website also offers music embedded YouTube videos for its visitors.

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Lyrics is a well-known online lyrics website that offers a myriad of song lyrics from numerous artists on this planet. This dynamic music fans community also features albums information, video clips, and news for passionate music lovers. You can type the name of the artist, album, or song to get instant and accurate results.

You can click on the corresponding alphabet to find the lyrics of your favorite song. The clean and neat design of Lyrics makes it a user-friendly lyrics website. Music fans can submit new lyrics to this online source easily. You can find the lyrics in text and video formats on this dedicated platform.

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Lyrics camp

Lyrics Camp offers lyrics in text and video formats for its users. You can search lyrics using the album title or the artist's name. Another option available to find the lyrics of your favorite song is to click on the alphabet, ranging from A to Z. The information available on this lyrics website is 100% accurate and reliable.

This database of this site comprises thousands of song lyrics. You can become a member of the contributing community by submitting new lyrics. Categories, such as Newest Song Lyrics and Artists with Fresh Tracks, are provided on the homepage to help you access them instantly.

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Lyrics Planet

Lyrics Planet is a popular online source that comprises lyrics of many different genres of music. You can find thousands of classics and the latest hits on this site. The vibrant search filters generate accurate results instantly. All you need to do is to type the title name, musician name, or body. The alphabets provided on Lyrics Planet also help you discover the lyrics of your favorite song.

This lyrics website lists the top 10 songs on the homepage to ensure instant access. It also provides useful information like tracklists, albums, news, and more to keep the visitors engaged. The overall design of this online platform looks attractive with a perfect blend of black and white.

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Lyrics mania

Lyrics Mania offers a large database of lyrics for music lovers and enthusiasts. You can find categories such as Soundtrack Lyrics, Top 100 Artists, and Top 100 Lyrics on this online platform, exclusively dedicated to music. If you want to contribute the lyrics of songs, you can click on the Submit Lyrics tab.

When you type the name of the song title or artist, results are generated instantly. You can also browse brands alphabetically. If you have a doubt, you can contact the customer support team by filling out an online form. The support team will respond to your needs and clarify doubts immediately.

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Poem hunter

If you want to find the lyrics of your favorite poems, look no further than Poem Hunter. This trustworthy online source offers the lyrics of a wide array of love, baby, death, birthday, wedding, and nature poems to meet the varying needs of different people. This lyrics website also contains the creations of eminent poets like Wordsworth, Shakespeare, William Blake, Pablo Neruda, and many more.

Being a responsible poetry portal, Poem Hunter is committed to offering accurate information on lyrics and other related aspects. The archive of this lyrics website contains more than 2 million poems and 400,000 poets.

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