15 Best Used Cars Websites

If it's your first time buying a second-hand car or you are just a classic vintage car enthusiast, USED CAR websites come in handy at this time. It arranges a detailed list of searchable items, buyer guides, car reviews, even the previous car owners, and more. These websites not only just help the buyers with finding cars, but they also pose to be a great help to the owners who are in search of buyers for their car.

The buying process becomes frustrating and way too long if we don't know where to start. After deciding on a ton of factors, we are still stuck on the websites to choose from. They often look very similar to each other and sometimes the cars look confusing too. But different websites feature different attributes to look and analyze the best car for you.


Here are a few legitimate techniques that you can never go wrong with:

* Shopping for USED CARs is technically smarter than you think. Sometimes the most prized models are out of stock, and other features simply tend to be unavailable. Shopping for a used model would save you from endless trips to showrooms and the high prices of the new models. The newer models would have a long line of waiting lists, due to an increase in buyers regularly. Who knows, you may even find that rare vintage model you always wanted, with a bit of luck and a little comb search.

* The best websites offer a wide range of searchable details, with a shopper-friendly interface. It provides the customer with varied details about the car like high-resolution images of the car's body and other features, its service record, and essential equipment. Sometimes, these websites deduce the profit margin for you by showing the best deals or a fair price amount.


We’ve put together a list of 15 USED CAR websites, that are the best in the business. These sites are reliable, but it's best to check out a second-hand car in person, or even a test drive. Point is, to be thorough and be informed properly before you hand over that big wad of cash.

Auto Trader

AutoTrader is at the top of our list as the best used overall car site. Its huge online marketplace is a recognized site for selling and buying USED CARS globally. It has a great volume of car listings and a user-friendly interface with an advanced searching tool. This makes the site a go-to place for buying and selling cars.

-Advanced searching tool
-Search filters for any features
-Also provides insurance and detailed car research
-Provide buying tips, how-to guides, and extensive car reviews

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CarsDirect offers car buyers with easy comparison to local dealerships. It has a simple interface and a simple search bar with buyer-friendly guides. Helps choose the buyer from the best basic site for USED CARS. It has helpful buyer resources by showing the best deals in the buyer's place and also showing deals on the newer models.

-Option to choose from local dealers
-Can directly apply to loans, starting from low-credit ones
-Fast customer service
-Simplified search engine

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CarGurus is best known for its cheap cars and probing its best value. With its advanced searching tools and simplified guides on how to find the right car for you, this is our best pick from the lot. It is easy to use and the listing is free, it made the top used brand.

-You can advertise here for free
-Regular blog posts on helpful information
-Simple to choose from
-With advanced pricing tools

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It offers the largest online marketplace, with various options for comparing USED CARS based on several data-based websites. It was developed in 2008 for an entity holding online classifieds for several cars. It has the best-comparing options among this list noted by the top brands like eBay, Cars.com, etc.

-Provides a detailed list of various sites
-Side by side comparison of the cars
-Smart search engines showing targeted ads for buyers and sellers
-Price filters enable the best deals for shoppers

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It is a unique app that draws the listing from various websites of USED CARS and compares them all in one place. Its use of an easy interface attracts potential buyers. This site is best for mobile users and has the most downloads over 7 million, as per CNET.

-Has the top rating on mobile apps for car users
-Gathers over 7,000,000 listings
-Easy browsing through millions of cars.
-User-friendly app

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This may be by far the fanciest online website for USED CARS. It is a sprawling online marketplace for vintage and classic car enthusiasts and car parts. It is a vintage car lover's dream which makes it even more enticing with its regular blogs, newsletter, and info about nearby and global car clubs.
Originally founded in 1954, it started its journey from a small car magazine to one of the leading vintage car websites. This is our pick for the best site for online class cars.

-Has more than 15,000 searchable car ads to look from
-a sizable marketplace for car parts, classic car equipment
-Offers facilities like pricing guides, virtual dealer, buying tips, and auction showrooms
-Has a blog and several magazines for vintage car enthusiasts

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Cars & Bids

It is an online auction site much like Hemmings. It has been developed in the 1980s and is the best auction site for its easy listing methods, car history, and low auction fees.
It has an elaborate security measure and is our best pick for auction site for USED CARS. It is fast and safe at the same time, primarily focused on the protection of both buyers and sellers.

-Lower auction fee
-Effort to protect the consumers
-Provides a free of charge history report of the vehicle
-Detailed description of the process of buying and selling

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It is powered by data analysis that provides transparent information for shopping FOR USED CARS. Counting over twenty-five million data points, this website uses its algorithms to analyze, rank, and scour the best cars for you. Over four million cars are for sale with 10,000 dealers. It is insightful with its powerful search query and makes shopping cars informative and fun for you.

-Measurement of car quality is done by checking car history, mileage, images, seller description, owners of the car, etc.
-A lot of filters to choose from
-Advanced search engine
-A VIN report is linked for the listings, to answer all of your questions

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One thing that is extremely good about this website is its hassle-free website. They advertise the right price for the car and no amount of negotiation would work for them. It is a USED CAR chain where you find cars being sold directly by the salesman. Their inventory is quite spread out through the nation, so no worries about a shipping delay. The buying experience is smooth and transparent throughout the process of shopping.

-About 200 stores all around the nation
-Quick search engine
-7 day money-back guarantee if criteria not fulfilled
-One-stop destination for shopping, test drive, and finances

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The best virtual platform for buying used cars. It provides a good buying experience with a full refund check. It has no extra-cost warranty or financing options, unlike CarMax. A simple setting where you find the car, buy it and get delivered online. And you can the car within a 7-day time slot, if you don't like it and get a full refund.

-In-house financing options
-Stress-free buying experience
-Faster delivery
-Seven-day money-back guarantee

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eBay Motors

eBay is one the oldest known car websites to exist. It has had its automotive selection for quite a few years now and has the best collection of the most elective and classic cars in the online market. It supports PayPal on your transactions. The cars in there are auctioned and the highest bidder usually wins the auction. Once the winner is decided, they need to deposit the full amount within 48 hours.

-Reviewing the sellers' prospects through the web search
-Viable transport options for delivery
-an array of unique and elective cars in one place

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You must have heard about this website by now. It is a classifieds section in the grand arena of classifieds: simple, exciting, and lightweight for your wallet. Cheap cars, sports cars, and weird cars are all here dumped in one place. This place is like a huge car dump of the internet.
Both the parties involved here, the dealers and the sellers. They see the posted ads by both of them. Filters are included in the search engine to make out a car's mileage, body style, previous owner, price range, etc.

-Best if looking for cheap, older cars
-Can buy direct from the private sellers
-Sub-region searches are available

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It is a digital automotive market for more than a million USED CARS, with other new vehicles as well. A well-led network of nationwide certified dealerships, TruCar also deals with car buying processes for more than 300 companies.

-Advanced search tool to screen vehicles
-Great deals facilitated programs
-Offers U.S. car loans and car lease calculators

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It offers a step-by-step guide for browsing, buying cars with pictures, uploading documents, and door-step delivery. It claims to have the best way to buy or sell cars.
The simple yet effective search bar helps you to browse through Vroom-certified trucks, high-mileage cars, and SUVs.

-Hassle-free prices
-Great customer service
-Helps with financing through several leading lending partners

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Car-Enthusiast Forums

You can concentrate your searchings’ hereby make, model and year of manufacture. It helps you look for the specifics of a car by checking out potential car owners or enthusiastic buyers. When using Google, a point on "forums" and "owners club" to what vehicle you search for. In addition to it, most of the lists are made by experts in their following communities.
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