15 Best Influential Websites

If you're a huge enjoyer of the World Wide Web, you have Tim Berners-Lee to thank for this invention. In fact, you wouldn't be reading this article if it weren't for him as well! After all, Berners-Lee was responsible for creating and publishing the very first website.

Do you want to know what the first-ever website contained? The website had the domain Info.cern.ch and simply contained a few lines of text that explained the internet's concept. And you could say that the rest is history from there.

From just a straightforward website published in 1989, the internet is now home to about 1.93 billion websites and counting. And nowadays, websites don't just contain blocks of organized text. With today's technology, websites now have visually pleasing and interactive elements.

But even though there are millions of websites out there, there are truly particular websites that stood out and became popular amongst internet users. And a massive chunk of them also happens to be the most influential websites that significantly contributed to the internet everyone knows and uses today.

Are you curious to know which websites are included in the list? If that's the case, here are the 15 best and most influential websites and why they're included in this list below.


It's no surprise why Google is on this list of most influential websites. It's everyone's go-to search engine for their various who's, what's, why's, and how's. Furthermore, research states that the average net surfer makes three to four Google searches in a single day.
Although Google doesn't provide its exact volume data, they apparently receive around 63,000 web queries per second. That amounts to 5.6 billion web queries daily and about 2 trillion searches yearly.

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YouTube is another excellent contender for the most influential places on the web. Although this website gave people endless entertainment with its wide variety of videos, YouTube also paved the way for people's stardom. These included the likes of Justin Bieber, Shawn Mendes, and Cody Simpson.
Aside from discovering different talents, this website also became an excellent platform for publishing several video tutorials, product reviews, educational videos, etc. Statistics state that YouTube has more than 1 billion hours viewed daily and an approximate amount of 122 million active watchers.

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Facebook initially began as a social media platform launched by Mark Zuckerberg so that Harvard students could connect with their fellow university students. News of Facebook reached other colleges and universities. It also ended up welcoming other users from across the globe.
Now, it's roughly calculated that Facebook has around 1.93 billion active users in a single day. Compared to the old Facebook, Facebook now just didn't include profiles, pages, and the typical chat boxes now known as Facebook Messenger. Now, Facebook also has a designated Marketplace, Job Search, and Gaming Central.

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Thanks to Amazon, one of the first eCommerce stores to launch, online shopping became possible. It was originally an eCommerce site that primarily began as an online bookstore. Now, it caters to a wide variety of customers through its several categories. These categories include fashion, electronics, groceries, kitchen appliances, etc.
Although many more eCommerce websites arrived with the rise of online shopping, Amazon still remains the most-visited eCommerce store. After all, research indicates that they have over 20.6 million monthly visits.

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Sure, Yahoo is no longer the world's number one used search engine. However, it's worth mentioning how they've also greatly changed millions of users' lives, especially when they were the top search engine.
When the internet was still disorganized, Yahoo's editors were there to make things orderly. Yahoo served as a directory for many netizens, where Yahoo editors ensured to select relevant stories for users to see. And even though Yahoo's popularity fell off, they're estimated to still have 225 million active monthly users.

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Wikipedia's inclusion in this list of most influential websites is definitely a no-brainer. If you do a quick Google search of anything, there's a huge chance that its Wikipedia page will pop on the front page of your search results.
Officially labeled the "free, multilingual online encyclopedia," the English Wikipedia alone includes 6 million pages of various information. Moreover, aside from hosting zero ads and offering content free of charge, this online encyclopedia can be edited by anyone. This allows users to have access to reliable, updated content.

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eBay is the second most-visited eCommerce shop globally. Like Amazon, eBay was also founded for a different purpose. During its early days, eBay was called AuctionWeb and served as a platform for auctioning off several items. As a matter of fact, the site's first auction happened to be a laser pointer that no longer worked.
After eBay's edition of the "buy it now" button in 2000, users didn't have to bid for items anymore. Compared to its first sale worth 14.83 for the broken laser pointer, eBay now garners billions of sales yearly. In 2020, they had an annual revenue worth $10.27 billion.

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Reddit has been dubbed the "Front Page of the World Wide Web" ever since its launch in 2005. With Reddit, you can dive deep into any fun-filled space or forums for serious discussions. On Reddit, you're free to share stories, memes, and videos.
Aside from sharing content, you can even ask some questions or get advice from the helpful Redditors there. Overall, thanks to its diverse community with excellent moderation standards, it's not surprising to know this platform has more than 430 million monthly active Redditors.

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Compared to long-form blogs, Twitter was quite a game-changer. Before their latest changes, you only had 140 characters to express everything you wanted to say in a "tweet." This Twitter feature was one of the reasons why microblogging became a thing.
As expected, tweets were successful in letting users consume bite-sized content from other users they followed. Eventually, Twitter now introduced threads and the new 280-character limit. Tweets are still short-form despite the changes, but at least people can say more in a tweet and organize them with threads.

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Netflix significantly altered how TV enthusiasts consumed movies, shows, and other similar content. After all, you didn't have to wait for your favorite movie's scheduled TV broadcast anymore. With Netflix, you're free to watch any TV series or movie anytime you wish.
On top of that, Netflix also lets you watch your favorite shows or movies on a phone, tablet, or laptop. Lastly, thanks to its efficient, personalized recommendation system, you can get customized suggestions. That way, you can easily pick content you prefer to watch.

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Before the rise of sites like Indeed and Zillow, there was Craigslist. This site was founded in 1995 for postings related to freelance gigs, housing for sale, and several services. Basically, it was your newspaper's classified ads section but brought online.
Although Craigslist doesn't have as many users as before, Forbes mentions that the platform still has around 55 million monthly users. The majority of their users also come from the US, Australia, Japan, and Canada.

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The Pirate Bay

This influential website is notorious for a handful of reasons. Claimed to change how users steal online content, The Pirate Bay is one of the most used torrent websites for downloading free music, movies, games, and even software.
Even though The Pirate Bay has faced tons of lawsuits and criminal investigations for its practices, the site continues to exist today. In fact, they boast over 5 million active users in total.

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Prior to Spotify's popularization, Pandora was the beloved music streaming platform. After all, Pandora allowed users to curate their playlists through its thumbs up or down system. Through this system, you can train the platform to provide songs that better fit your preferences.
Even though Pandora is no longer utilized a lot by many users, its thumbs up or down system has greatly inspired Spotify. This includes Spotify's "Made For You," a playlist created by the platform based on your preferences.

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No matter what type of fandom you're in, you've most certainly visited a Fandom Wiki page of a series, video game, or movie you absolutely love. Formerly known as Wikia, Fandom is home to wikis about different movies, video games, TV shows, and other entertainment-related content.
Fandom includes around 250,000 Fandom Wikis and a total of 26 million users. So, if you ever need information from a particular series, movie, or game, Fandom is another reliable website you can count on.

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This live streaming platform is undoubtedly on the rise to become one of the most influential websites. After all, it's mainly used for broadcasting video game competitions, video game streams, and the like. But lately, Twitch doesn't just help streamers better engage with their audiences.
To add, this platform also aids studios in getting their games recognized in shorter periods. Besides, if a famous Twitch streamer tried out a game, there's a huge chance that their fan base will try it out too. All in all, Twitch is greatly transforming the gaming industry, aside from creating the next wave of game creators.

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