15 Best HTML Websites

Whether you’re here because you just want to see what is possible when you put HTML through its limits, or you’re looking for some inspiration so you can begin building/rebuilding your website, portfolio, or personal project, then you’ve come to the right place.
Users expect much more from a website these days than just a simple static HTML page with a company logo. A basic website is no longer enough to represent a company, brand, or whatever message you’re trying to get across.

In spite of these growing needs, most entrepreneurs continue to focus on the old-fashioned ways of building an HTML website, which results in a reduced client engagement rate and a struggle to get the desired results - and of course, you’re here because you don’t want to be one of those poor entrepreneurs arent you?
You want to wow your audience with an awesome and engaging HTML site so you can get conversions on your products or pull in some more clients.
The following 15 HTML websites that you’re going to see should offer you some inspiration or at least open your eyes to what is possible when you think outside of the box.


Tim Brown, who is co-founder of Allbirds, launched this website a decade ago and has aligned the website, which features incredible attention to detail and thought, with the sports shoes they sell.
A combination of lifestyle photography and illustrations results in a website that not only tells the story behind the Allbirds but also lets users get a feel for the product. Leaning in heavily with the user experience, the usually forgotten FAQ section, for example, has been brought to life by animated GIFs and excellent illustrations.

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Cornwall Place Board

The Cornwall Place Board serves as a platform to highlight and celebrate everything that makes Cornwall such a great place to live and it is by far one of the most enjoyable and initiative websites you’ll visit today.
Taking the unique “one-page” style and making it even more wonderful, the Cornwall Place Board gets better every second you are on it. All you need to do is scroll your mouse wheel and the adventure will begin - and you might even find a new corner of the Earth that you really want to visit after it too.

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On The Grid

In addition to being minimalist but appealing, the site is highly structured yet combines playfulness with dynamics beautifully, a true reflection of the content on the website.
On the Grid clearly isn't just another lifestyle blog.
What sets it apart from other HTML sites for me is the many, many unique illustrations of the cities and the simple animations that accommodate them - there's always something moving, something new to catch your eye and keep you hooked onto the page, but not too much to the point where it's overwhelming.

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Wanderful Chalet

Similar to the previous entry, there is always something going o when you visit the Wanderful Chalet.
Many people who create HTML websites overlook images as a resource to attract their users and instead opt to try to make fancy elements the focal point of their design.
And although Wanderful Chalet does do that well too, the images they have used really tie everything together - and on top of this, they also feature many different animations, again although pretty simple, there's always something moving on the page, keeping it all interactive and entertaining for the visitor.

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Spotify Discovery Artists

Another great one scroll website, by the popular Spotify, is the Spotify Discovery for Artists. It features a one-page website style where you infinity scroll through a bunch of high-quality images as well as bold text - it features a minimalistic style that has become quite common as of late, so if you’re into that then definitely check this site out.
On top of this, the design choice for this smooth one-page style heavily reflects Spotify in my opinion, as their service is very easy to use and very intuitive - which should be a key takeaway if you’re looking to design your own website; align your HTML with your product.

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Over The Hills

Over The Hill enlisted the help of a designer to bring life to their website, where they wanted to show off the group's EP of the same name. They wanted to mix sound and exploration, which the designer has perfectly succeeded at doing, to captivate their audience; just like their music would do.
WebGL effects blend seamlessly with the drawings, and since it's a pretty unique effect, the user is always curious to discover what awaits them at every twist and turn as they explore the website further.

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Websites on this list are not exclusively one-page sites, I promise, but this is just another one I had to add to the Best HTML websites article because it is absolutely beautiful, as soon as you hit the page you’re met with such a warm color palette and eye-catching animations.
On top of that, it's also another great example of what a one-page website should be - slowly delivering your audience the information they've come for in a fun but interesting (and of course entertaining) manner.
A great takeaway you can get from this website is that graphic design is just as important as everything else; don’t skimp on it as many other designers do.

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The Rational Keyboard

This is a very unique website that doesn't feature a portfolio or some sort of presentation, rather it features a set of keyboard keys that constantly move when you click them (and of course play sounds!) - What is its true purpose? I’m not quite sure - but at the very least this should give you an idea of what it means to think outside the box when it comes to creating HTML websites.
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As soon as you get to this site's homepage, you’ll be met with a blurry screen - but don’t worry! Your cursor can clean it once you drag over the text with your mouse - again another great interactive experience that is definitely something unique compared to many of the same old boring sites out there.
And then once you scroll down because you’ve been taught’ that you might need to interact with this site to get the most out of it, you start clicking everything you see - and you’ll be rewarded for your efforts.
Overall, this has a great UX and it combines a beautiful and interesting website with a product - something many businesses struggle to get right.

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Compassionate Leadership

Another one-page HTML website, but this time they are utilizing video to be the main focal point of your focus - and although it's not as interesting as animations or high-quality graphic design, it does give off the professional vibes they were going for.
Again, the takeaway here is that you should be matching your website with your message - in this case, if in your content you’re telling the world you’re a professional, then your website should reflect this statement.

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An awesome streamlined website, Uniqly combines a great color palette with simple yet eye-catching animations to give off a “high tech feel” which again, reflects the project; NFTs and Blockchain.
Although this website may not do anything groundbreaking, you already feel as if you know what these people are talking about because they’ve got everything just right - there is a lot of attention to detail here too, every element you move your mouse near does something - making you want to keep exploring.

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Smash Delta

Smash Delta offers a great user experience (almost feels like you’re playing a video game) whilst you learn what they’re all about - the “game” doesn't take over the purpose of being there (to read the content and to get to know the brand) but it does just enough to keep you entertained.
Again, this is another great and unique way for you to keep people around on your website and is not quite like anything I’ve seen before - another great thinking out of the box idea that has clearly come to life here.

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Ba Ba Dum

Ba Ba Dum’s graphic design, illustration, typography, and simple hand sketches that have been turned into vector graphics fit perfectly with the theme of this website; a word quiz
It has an amazing color palette, which is both crazy multicolored and very thoughtful at the same time; the font 'Mr Dum Dum' that was designed for Ba Ba Dum perfectly complements the tone of the website.
Aside from the easy UI, the site's interactions and animations, as well as the games themselves, are fun and engaging.

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Digital Curator

Digital Curator is a website that allows you to randomly generate an exhibit from museums around the world - and then gives you some background information on what you’re actually looking at.
Not only is this a really, really cool idea - and keeps you hooked because you want to see the next piece of randomly generated art, but it does it in a clean and sleek which contrasts with what you're being shown - mixing old (the art) with the new (the minimalistic website layout).

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Featuring high quality photography at the focal point of the website, the bold and in your face design of it all perfectly reflects what this website is all about: bold in your face fashion.
On top of this, it also features a great portfolio design alongside the huge images which contrast one another in a positive way; if you’re keen about fashion and you’re looking for website design ideas, check them out.

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