14 Best Application for Cyclists

Today, there’s hardly anything for which you won’t find an application and the world of fitness and cycling is not an exemption from this. Did you ever imagine that a smartphone is going to be an integral instrument when you go out with your bike with maps to training to nutrition plans all loaded on your screen? Whether you enjoy riding alone or with a pack, there’s certainly an application for everything under the sun.

The modern age of cycling is not restricted to activity only – it’s possible today to track as well as measure every single aspect of the ride. Right from mapping your routes to assessing your fitness levels, there are tons of apps for cyclists to use. Today we are going to take a look at the top 15 best apps to use:


Strava is similar to a cycle computer on the phone. Users typically use a distinct GPS computer for recording and uploading the riding history and then open the application to check and compare with their friends.
The word trava' is Swedish for strive and it distinguishes itself with numerous segments or ride sections that function as smaller race courses. The element of competition has led to over 86 million users as the application was launched back in 2009 and 4 million users have paid for premium access as well.

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Map My Ride

Map My Ride, developed by Under Armour is a lot more than what its name says. Although it is generally used for tracking bike rides, you will be able to track more than 600 varying kinds of activities which makes it a go-to application for many cyclists around the globe.
Currently, there are over 40 million users of the app which makes it highly comparable to other premium apps like Strava. Besides tracking, you can create, save, and map routes for seeing where the other cyclists are riding. Moreover, it directly syncs with tons of other apps and smartwatches like Fitbit and MyFitnessPal.

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Wahoo fitness products are highly popular and the fitness app is one in their line of fitness products. You can use it for tracking thirty-nine variants of workouts and can also be paired with other health monitoring devices for tracking heart rate, power, and cadence. If you are looking for an app that will let you go back to your stats and routes, and how much you have ridden, then Wahoo is the one for you.
The best thing about the application is that it doesn’t come with any premium version which means you will not have to upgrade to anything. This indicates that power zones and heart rate zones are already included which sets it apart from any other application for cyclists in this range.

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No matter whether you are looking for an alteration of pace on mountain biking or are willing to explore the trail system, Trailforks is one of the best apps for the purpose. With the free version, you can view the trails within a local zone which can be changed as per your need.
In order to access to all the maps without any regard to the area, you need to subscribe. While other applications allow you to take a look at the gradient changes all through the trail, with Trailforks you can see the elevation profiles which aids in the approximation of grades.

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MTB Project

This is yet another reliable application for cyclists and has gradually gained momentum in the last few months. This is mostly due to the sleek presentation that the application has put together which also includes a website along with the app.
The interface of the application offers a list of cool features that can be used both online and offline. When you connect your phone, the application lets you see your real-time progress along the trail. You can also check the trail profile you are currently treading which spikes your hope when you would be able to scale the peak.

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It is a powerful navigation tool for planning everything from your short commutes to expansive adventures on the cycle. If you are looking for an app that will assist you in getting from one destination to another, then Komoot is the best app for you.
If you are a fan of Google Maps, then you are going to appreciate Komoot since it has the same features but is dedicated to cyclists. You can plan your route and commute routes by selecting a beginning and ending point along with addresses or features that you would like to explore.

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If you are highly keen on analyzing your progress while cycling, then TrainingPeaks is the app for you. It’s true that anybody had worked with a professional cycling coach has used this application. It’s loved by athletes as well for the ease of communication and file-sharing features that this application allows.
One of the major USPs of TrainingPeaks is the Performance Management Chart which is extremely transformative. It creates a graph that represents the user’s level of fatigue and fitness so that cyclists are better able to micromanage their activity.

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TrainerRoad is yet another reliable application for cyclists that packs a host of sensors and smart trainers for giving you targeted workouts crafted with a scientific approach. The interface of the app is very easy to navigate and it’s also free of any kind of setbacks or bugs.
The ride updates of this application are also armed with explanations to help you understand why each workout is structured in a specific manner and how you will be able to crush it. In case you require any distraction, you will also be able to access off-screen video and music.

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Dark Sky Weather

This one is the only application for cyclists with the weather forecast and a cult following due to matchless machine learning. This app has a creative approach for offering top-notch accuracy and smart features along with amazing visuals that helps you plan your adventure way ahead of time.
An issue with weather forecast apps for cyclists is that weather data can clutter the screen and make it difficult for non-meteorologist to track them. But the unique interface of Dark Sky Weather has two efficient ways of decreasing data consumption.

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When you are an avid cyclist, chances are that you are a conscientious and healthy eater. While most nutrition tracking app comes with a premium feature that restricts what’s available in the free version, this is not the case with MyFitnessPal.
The app has been there for 13 years now and gives you hordes of instruments for understanding your eating habits while keeping you accountable for your diet plans. Another important feature of this app is that it fosters social support so that you stick to healthy eating for longer.

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If you wish to turn your smartphone into a cycling computer, you will need Cyclemeter to help you with it. The application for cyclists has loads of features and also you can get a smorgasbord of analysis post-ride. Moreover, you won't have to log onto any site as the data remains in your device itself.
You can get Google Maps assistance whenever you need it and start or stop your rides with your earphone remote button as well. The app can be easily integrated with other applications like Twitter, Facebook, Strava, and a lot more.

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Zwift is an app for cyclists that has completely transformed the prospect of indoor riding globally. All you need to access the app is a stable internet connection and a device that’s compatible with it. And the good thing is that riders from across the world can ride as well as race with each other within the world created by Zwift.
It is not just an effective training tool for cyclists, but also allows social interaction with the built-in training plans and workouts. If you are it’s becoming tedious riding indoors, then Zwift is a great way of breaking the monotony.

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Yet another application for cyclists, Rouvy is a great invention that has created a huge number of real-life routes as well as augmented reality courses that you can ride on. Rather than simulating virtual routes like Zwift, Rouvy shows video recordings of roads and integrates them with elevation data for providing an interactive experience. And the USP is that in some courses, this application shows animated 3D riders as well.
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Rain Alarm

When it comes to cycling outdoors, you will certainly want to be updated with the weather forecast ad be prepared for rain and thunderstorm. Thankfully, there are several apps to help you deal with this like Rain Alarm. This helps you plan your cycle trips by serving precise weather forecasts.
You can get short-term weather forecasts developed on real-time data from governmental authorities. You will also receive live updates and weather alerts on all kinds of precipitation no matter whether it’s hail, snow, or rain. There is also a satellite viewing option that can be used for rerouting the cycling session and ruling out bad weather.

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