15 Best Music Websites

Music can get us through our lows, and elevate our highs. There are thousands of different genres, millions of different artists, and trillions of songs that we can sing along to.
Whether we’re listening to them on our smartphone whilst we go jogging or on our PC while we work.
What we’re saying is; music is essential, and there are plenty of ways you can listen to your favorite songs and discover new ones - hence why we’ve created this 15 Best Music Websites list for you to find some new places to listen to your favorite music.
Of course, there are going to be someone you except on here, like Spotify and YouTube Music, but we’ve tested many different music websites and you are no doubt going to find a new place where you can listen to more of the music you love.
If that sounds like something you’d be interested in, then keep on reading.

Spotify Music

Let’s start simple; Spotify Music. Yes, you’re probably more than familiar with this streaming but this is the best music website list after all, so it definitely deserves its spot for the audience they’ve grown over the last decade or so.
Giving you the ability to listen to artists like Drake, Adele, The Weeknd for absolutely free. If they’re well known for singing songs, they’re going to be on the Spotify Music Website.
You could of course pay a premium rate to listen to ad-free music, but if you’re going to college and you have no income right now, and you don’t mind listening to a couple of ads every 30 minutes, then keep your change and sing along to your favorites for absolutely free!

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Unlike Spotify, SoundCloud features all sorts of artists; in fact, whoever is reading this right now can go sign up as an rtist’ and upload whatever music (actually any audio sound for that matter) they desire.
Because of this, SoundCloud has become a great platform for people who are looking for new music/artists to listen to that have yet to be discovered by the mainstream.
On top of this, even if you’re a fan of a huge artist, sometimes they will release their aw’ music on SoundCloud - this same audio might never make it to their public album, so you can get an exclusive look.
Overall, SoundCloud is a great place if you’re looking for unique artists or raw audio bites of singers you already love - for absolutely free!

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Giving you the ability to listen to your favorite music regardless of the platform you’re using, Last.FM generates detailed charts and stats based on the user’s personal tastes every week.
So as a user, you can always listen to your favorite music and discover something new that can be added to your “Sad Songs playlist” or your “WFH playlist”
And of course, they organize popular music into categories like Top Tracks, Top Artists, Top Albums, etc. so you can always keep up with the most popular music in the world currently.

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Dash Radio

Dash Radio is a collective of the world's biggest DJs curating the best music over a wide range of different stations, fit for an array of music tastes that users can love and enjoy 24 hours a day 7 days a week.
How this differs from most of the music listening websites on this list is that it's just a constant radio playing, with no commercials, and of course, you don’t get to choose the music you’re listening to.
Now that can be a bad thing if you’re looking for a favorite song, but it gives you the opportunity to find something new that could be added to a playlist at a later date.
The best thing about Dash Radio is that it’s completely free - although one major downside is that the music quality isn’t as good as the other options on this list, but if you’re looking for constant ad-free music that you can listen to on your PC or smartphone, look no further.

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MixCloud is another great choice if you’re looking for more unique artists that are unknown by mainstream listeners - with a range of genres within their catalog, there is no doubt going to be something in here for everyone.
And if you’re feeling generous, you can directly support artists by watching and donating to their live streams - these live streams are also a great way for you to listen to their music live and even interact and get to know new and upcoming talent.

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Deezer is actually one of the only platforms in recent memory that have rivaled Spotify in terms of the high-quality service which they offer, at a great price.
Allowing you to listen to millions of tracks by your favorite artist, Deezer is overall just a great service if you simply just want to listen to the music you know you already love - of course, there is plenty of discoverability on this platform, so you can grab some new songs for your playlist.

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LivexLive offers you the chance to watch artists, live. That’s right - if you can’t go see an artist in person, they offer you the next best thing - watching them on your PC or smartphone device!
And surprisingly, this isn't too expensive either - there is even a free plan you can use which will allow you to watch both concerts and festival live streams.

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Now, this might seem like a strange one for many of you who have been on the internet long enough to remember them, but MySpace has turned away from its social media pass and has reinvented itself as a music streaming website.
And you know what? They're not doing too bad at it.
Featuring an array of popular artists that you’re going to be more than familiar with which you can stream instantly on their affordable plans, who knows, in a couple of years' time they might be competing with the big players like Spotify and YouTube Music.

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This is only going to appeal to a very niche group of people, but I still think it’s one of the best platforms in the industry
Gaana offers you over 30 million Hindi Songs and Bollywood music at the click of a button, and whilst you might be turning your nose up at the thought of dancing to this sort of music, I urge you to give it a go if you’re tired of the old and are looking for something new.

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Grooveshark has been around since 2006, and even as of 2022 they are offering you the chance to listen to free music from exclusive artists - the platform allows users to upload any audio files they like, which means there is an array of choices, regardless of your unique listening tastes.
Although it's only available on your PC or Android device, this is by far one of the best instant streaming platforms if you don’t wish to pay for a premium service - audio quality might not be the best at times, but what can you expect from a free service?

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YouTube Music

This shouldn't really come as a surprise, but YouTube Music is one of the best music streaming platforms available.
Originally known as Google Music before they moved to the YouTube platform - there are all sorts of exclusive tracks you can listen to on this platform that you’re not going to find on places like SoundCloud or Spotify.
Of course, just like Spotify, they offer a reemium’ service where you can get the basics for no cost but then they require you to pay a fee if you want things like ad-free music or the ability to listen offline

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Another solid option on this list is TIDAL - offering you the ability to listen to 80+ million songs ad-free, plus exclusive releases from your favorite artists and tons of insider interviews and even music videos.
And if you’re a real audio nerd, this platform also lets you listen to music in a range of audio formats, so you can cater your sound depending on the type of audio setup you’ve got going on.

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Exclusive to American listeners only, HeartRadio is a freemium broadcast and streaming radio platform where you can listen to a range of DJs playing your favorite tunes - and discussing all things music.
Perfect if you’re looking for something a little more interactive than just listening to your favorite music on repeat throughout the day.
Of course, you can simply listen to your music on-demand if that's what you prefer, but you might as well use a different platform if this is the case.

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SoundClick has a ommunity vibe’ with its streaming platform, as you have the ability to find music that hasn’t quite hit the mainstream yet and even buy this music directly from the artists.
Again, just like a couple of options on this list, this is a great choice of music streaming platform if you’re looking for some unique music that you’ve never heard before - or you’re looking to directly interact with people who are as enthusiastic as you are.

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AudioMack is in the same realm as SoundCloud; finding artists you’ve never heard before and binging their music.
It offers a free service where people can discover new artists in the genre they love whilst having the ability to listen to this same music on their PC or smartphone device.

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