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Grooveshark has been around since 2006, and even as of 2022 they are offering you the chance to listen to free music from exclusive artists - the platform allows users to upload any audio files they like, which means there is an array of choices, regardless of your unique listening tastes. Although it's only available on your PC or Android device, this is by far one of the best instant streaming platforms if you don’t wish to pay for a premium service - audio quality might not be the best at times, but what can you expect from a free service?

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Grooveshark co-founder Josh Greenberg dead at 28

Josh Greenberg, the 28-year-old former University of Florida student who co-founded now-defunct music streaming site Grooveshark, was found dead in his home in Gainesville, FL on Sunday. Local police found no evidence of foul play or suicide. An autopsy ... at Punknews.org

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They went out of business. Grooveshark, founded in 2006 by Sam Tarantino, Josh Greenberg, and Andrés Barreto. They had copyright infringement problems. Universal sued them in 2011, and then ... at Aol.com

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If you don't have hosting for the audio file you want to share on Facebook, you can easily post music from streaming music services like Grooveshark, SoundCloud and YouTube. You can share MP3 ... at Smallbusiness.chron.com

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Grooveshark - Wikipedia

Grooveshark was a rich Internet application that originally ran in Adobe Flash. In December 2010, Grooveshark redesigned its site to provide an HTML5 interface. Grooveshark displayed songs, playlists, and users. Grooveshark had a Java Web Start application that scanned user folders for MP3s, uploading and adding them to the user's online library. at En.wikipedia.org

What Happened to Grooveshark.com? The History of Grooveshark

Grooveshark.com was a digital music streaming platform that faced legal challenges and controversies from major record labels. The company was founded in 2006, removed from the app stores in 2012, and shut down in 2015 after a settlement agreement with the RIAA. Learn about its history, services, and the reasons for its demise. at Cinchsolution.com

Grooveshark - Free Music Streaming

Grooveshark - Free Music Streaming. Login or Create account Save and share your playlist with your friends when you log in or create an account. Login Register. × Download Music. × ... at Groovesharks.org

A new Grooveshark is online and streaming music - The Verge

Grooveshark.io claims to be a clone of the original Grooveshark, a popular music streaming service that was shut down by labels for copyright infringement. The site allows visitors to stream, download, and search for music files, including the many copyrighted ones that got the original site in trouble. at Theverge.com

Grooveshark Is Now Deadshark: How an Illegal Streaming Service Hid ...

Grooveshark was started in 2006, by Samuel Tarantino and Joshua Greenberg, two University of Florida students. 4 Grooveshark is a wholly owned subsidiary of Escape Media, LLC, a Delaware corporation. Since its inception, Grooveshark has operated in defiance of the copyright laws for nearly 10 years; that is until the courts found Tarantino and ... at Copyright.nova.edu

The Day the Music Died: A Grooveshark Retrospective

Grooveshark is dead. Killed after 10 years by record labels baying for blood. The music streaming service famously offered free streaming of seemingly every song, and infamously did so without licenses. It's kind of surprising the site stayed online as long as it did – it took until April 30, 2015 for the site to be taken offline entirely ... at Makeuseof.com

Grooveshark is dead - this is what killed it | TechRadar

Grooveshark is dead - this is what killed it. An admission of 'serious mistakes' and a formal apology is all that's left of Grooveshark, the music streaming service beloved by 35 million users ... at Techradar.com

Music-streaming service Grooveshark shuts down - CNET

Grooveshark also tried to win over mobile users with dedicated iOS and Android apps for its streaming service, but both of those apps were taken down following complaints from the record labels. at Cnet.com

Why Grooveshark failed | The Verge

Grooveshark was the last major operator in the space, outlasting Kazaa, LimeWire, and dozens more, and Greenberg’s long-time association with the company may have irreducibly stained his reputation. at Theverge.com