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There are many major cities around the world that Lovestruck covers, so you can locate potential partners near you so you’re not wasting your time with people who live a long train journey away. Designed for time-starved professionals who are too busy working or socializing to go out on dates. Lovestruck matches you with people near your home or work to help you not waste any time traveling to and from your dates. Filled to the brim with dating advice, as well as regularly hosting events where you can meet people just like you, LoveStruck is another great entry on this list.

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Lovestruck Definition & Meaning - Merriam-Webster

lovestruck: [adjective] powerfully affected by feelings of romantic love for someone : deeply in love. at Merriam-webster.com

Lovestruck - Wikipedia

Being lovestruck means having mental and physical symptoms associated with falling in love: "Love-struck ... means to be hit by love ... you are hit in your heart by the emotion of love".. While being lovestruck has historically been viewed as a short-lived mental illness brought on by the intense changes associated with romantic love, this view has been out of favor since the humoral model ... at En.wikipedia.org

LOVE-STRUCK | definition in the Cambridge English Dictionary

love-struck meaning: 1. so in love with someone that it is difficult to behave as usual or even think of anything else…. Learn more. at Dictionary.cambridge.org

Lovesick: Yes, It's a Thing | Psych Central

“Lovestruck is a metaphor for falling in love with someone quickly,” Sehat explains. “On the other hand, lovesickness is a condition in which you feel sad and unpleasant due to the absence ... at Psychcentral.com

Lovestruck definition and meaning | Collins English Dictionary

Lovestruck definition: strongly affected by a sudden awakening of love | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples at Collinsdictionary.com

Love Struck synonyms - 128 Words and Phrases for Love Struck

Another way to say Love Struck? Synonyms for Love Struck (other words and phrases for Love Struck). at Powerthesaurus.org

What is another word for lovestruck - WordHippo

very taken with. head over heels in love with. ensorcelled by. greatly enamoured of. very keen on. consumed with desire for. hypnotized by. doting on. bowled over. at Wordhippo.com

Love Struck - Idioms by The Free Dictionary

lovestruck Consumed with or overwhelmed by romantic feelings (for someone). A: "Oh man, look at him, tripping all over himself—he's totally smitten with her. B: "Yep. Nothing sadder than a lovestruck doofus." I became absolutely lovestruck the more Paul and I dated. I couldn't eat, I couldn't sleep—I just wanted to be with him all the time. Farlex ... at Idioms.thefreedictionary.com

Lovestruck - definition of lovestruck by The Free Dictionary

The lovestruck young woman is brutally disappointed, and her sadness has such force that it infects her cooking: all who eat her food feel her heartbreak with the same intensity. Bahrain Cinema Club at Thefreedictionary.com