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AZ Lyrics is a trusted online source to find the lyrics of your favorite songs. You can find song lyrics arranged in alphabetic order based on the artist's names. There is also a search filter on this lyrics website that permits you to discover the lyrics based on artists and songs. AZ Lyrics displays accurate results immediately. The database of this website contains more than 300,000 song lyrics. You can find the songs of around 7,000 artists. With smooth navigation features and a simple interface, this online song lyrics platform provides an enjoyable user experience. As the name suggests, AZ Lyrics covers everything about lyrics to meet the needs of music enthusiasts. You can also submit lyrics to this website and become a contributor.

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AZ lyrics

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Now, Now – AZ Lyrics | Genius Lyrics

AZ Lyrics: A holy figure at the edge of my bed / He leaned in closely and said nothing to me, mm / Repeating image of you when I'm alone / I see you calling to me, then I see nothing at all at Genius.com

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Anthony Cruz (born March 9, 1972), is an American rapper. His debut album Doe Or Die, released in 1995, has been considered a classic hip hop album. He made his rapping debut on at Genius.com