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Lyrics Planet is a popular online source that comprises lyrics of many different genres of music. You can find thousands of classics and the latest hits on this site. The vibrant search filters generate accurate results instantly. All you need to do is to type the title name, musician name, or body. The alphabets provided on Lyrics Planet also help you discover the lyrics of your favorite song. This lyrics website lists the top 10 songs on the homepage to ensure instant access. It also provides useful information like tracklists, albums, news, and more to keep the visitors engaged. The overall design of this online platform looks attractive with a perfect blend of black and white.

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R&B Star Craig David Sings On The Environmental Benefits Of Train Travel

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How does the music industry work? Planet Money started a record label to find out

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'Mortified' Valerie Bertinelli reacts with Taylor Swift lyrics to Matthew Perry saying they made out next to a passed-out Eddie Van Halen

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An Astrologer Decodes the Most Sagittarian Lyrics in Taylor Swift’s “Midnights”

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Astronomers discover giant fluffy 'toasted marshmallow' gas planet orbiting small star

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Planet Possible

We support a community of Explorers - scientists, educators, storytellers, conservationists, technologists, and others - working to inspire, educate, preserve, and protect our planet's life ... at Nationalgeographic.com

Scientists found a weird marshmallow-like planet in the deep cosmos

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Planet Money

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California makes it harder to use lyrics as evidence against rappers

Snoop Dogg, a.k.a. Calvin Broadus, is escorted into the Los Angeles Criminal Courts building in 1996, when he and a former bodyguard were on trial for a 1993 killing. The rapper was acquitted ... at Washingtonpost.com

Lyrics Planet - The Best Lyrics on the Planet

Top 10 Songs. Anti-Hero - Taylor Swift. California Breeze - Lil Baby. Shirt - SZA. Forever (feat. Fridayy) - Lil Baby. Heyy - Lil Baby. Under the Influence - Chris Brown. Lift Me Up (From Black Panther: Wakanda Forever - Music From and Inspired By) - Rihanna. at Lyricsplanet.com

Lyrics Planet - YouTube

Welcome on Lyrics Planet! Every day we discover new songs for you. Let your friends die of envy when they discover that you already know the lyrics of all the new hits 😂 --- Your song needs ... at Youtube.com


My name is Earth. I'm the planet you live on. The third Planet from the sun. I'm the only planet with organic life. So take care of me because we're all one. My name is Mars. I am red in color. I'm the fourth planet from the sun. I have the highest mountain in our solar system. at Songlyrics.com

Donel – Planets Lyrics | Genius Lyrics

I see you, you need me. A tsunami couldn't kill our energy, yeah yeah. [Chorus] Yeah, tell me how to love you, tell me how to love you right. ’Cause I only see planets in your eyes, yeah ... at Genius.com

Lyrics containing the term: planet.

Lyrics.com » Search results for 'planet.' Yee yee! We've found 12,762 lyrics, 35 artists, and 50 albums matching planet.. at Lyrics.com

Lyrics containing the term: planets

A list of lyrics, artists and songs that contain the term "planets" - from the Lyrics.com website. ... remidie rhyme Infinity Criminally tryna be some shit I crack ya open like the youngest male Kennedy Got the whole planet rockin off the low blows. Planet Rock 2k [Down South Remix] Tech N9ne. at Lyrics.com

The B-52's - Planet Claire Lyrics | AZLyrics.com

She came from Planet Claire I knew she came from there She drove a Plymouth Satellite Faster than the speed of light Planet Claire has pink air All the trees are red No one ever dies there No one has a head Ahhhahhhahhahh Some say she's from Mars Or one of the seven stars That shine after 3:30 in the morning WELL SHE ISN'T Ahhhahhhahhahhahhahh at Azlyrics.com

Jacob Sartorius - Planet Lonely Lyrics | AZLyrics.com

On a planet got no understanding. Couldn't plan it all the shit that's happened to me. That's life on planet lonely. Nobody's ever held me. Screaming "can you please save me?" Never mind let me stay lonely. That's life on planet lonely. Nobody's ever helped me. at Azlyrics.com