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This fast food blog focuses most of its attention on the Nottingham food scene. But sometimes, Alen, the blog's owners, travels elsewhere in the UK, as well as other places in the world, to find out what fast food joints have to offer. He has been going for just over 10 years and has visited around about 250+ different faster food restaurants - meaning that, if you're interested in fast food, this he has a great catalog of content you should check out if you're looking for something new to try - especially if you're from Nottingham.

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Frusher on Food. 184 likes · 7 talking about this. An independent Nottingham / East Midlands restaurant review website. With some national fine dining / MIchelin stars thrown in for good measure at Facebook.com

| An independent Nottingham food and drink blogger

10 + years of Frusher on Food Some brief thoughts on writing and running my website for over 10 years! June 23, 2024. 1 Comment. Bar Gigi – Italian – Nottingham I often lament the lack of good Italian food in Nottingham so it’s about time I gave Bar Gigi a shot. Opening in 2021 it describes itself as a ‘Modern Italian’s restaurant. at Frusheronfood.co.uk

| An independent Nottingham food and drink blogger | Page 2

10 + years of Frusher on Food Some brief thoughts on writing and running my website for over 10 years! March 17, 2024. 0 Comments. Little Brickhouse – European – Nottingham I’ve been a fan of the Little Brickhouse brunch for some time. ... They now only offer it on a Saturday but its a vibrant plate of food that manages to be both ... at Frusheronfood.co.uk

About me

An independent Nottingham food and drink blogger. About me. I’ve been writing about restaurants for 12 years and eaten at almost 400 restaurants across Nottingham as well as the majority of the country’s best. If anyone has any questions, suggestions or feedback on the site/reviews please get in touch. Also any suggestions of new ... at Frusheronfood.co.uk

Alec Frusher (@frusheronfood) | Instagram

285 Followers, 43 Posts - Nottingham and Michelin Star food lover ... at Instagram.com

Frusher on Food - NEW Post - Frusher on Food on TV! Find... - Facebook

NEW Post - Frusher on Food on TV! Find out more about me appearing on Channel 4 for some of the next 6 weeks as I join the Beat the Chef food jury... at Facebook.com

Frusher on Food - Been getting back to writing recently... - Facebook

Been getting back to writing recently with a few food posts by but also starting to talk about my other passion...wine! Check it out: at Facebook.com

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Frusher on Food · 22 August 2021 · 22 August 2021 · at En-gb.facebook.com

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Marketing expert, writer and self confessed food addict, Nadine de Chenu is the voice ... Where to eat in Nottinghamshire according to Alec Frusher, author of Frusher on Food. at Buzzfeed.com

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Alec Frusher. Alec Frusher started food blogging in 2013 and has now written about more than 120 restaurants across Nottinghamshire. When he’s not writing or eating he works as a recruitment ... at Nottinghampost.com