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Brand Eating, is a blog all about hunting down the latest and greatest brand foods that are brought out seemingly every day. Whether it's junk food you can grab off the shelves or fast food you can get from the biggest supply chains in the world, Brand Eating covers it all. They even have a neat little section on the website that covers current deals & specials which are available - so after you read one of their reviews, you can go try the food out for yourself and see if you agree with their blog!

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Food brands are uniquely placed to drive sustainable eating habits – here’s how

Once hailed as the solution to the carbon-heavy meat industry, the promising plant-based category is now struggling for growth amid the cost of living crisis. How can the food industry push consumers towards more sustainable eating habits? at Thedrum.com

The Most Common Eating Disorder in the U.S. Is Also the Least Understood

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Every Killer Brand Starts With A Great Name

What's in a name? A lot, says David Placek, CEO of Lexicon, which has helped invent product names for Impossible Burger, Dasani and others. at Adexchanger.com

British Wagyu: Building a quality beef brand on taste and texture

British Wagyu is the fastest growing UK beef breed, though from a small base. Wagyu-cross calf registrations rose 30% in the period January to November at Fwi.co.uk

‘Club Zero’ Review: Jessica Hausner’s Eating Disorder Satire Is a Tough Nut to Crack

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Eating Around Boston, Not So Old and Brand New

Now, please open in New York. Open daily for lunch and dinner. The brand new Boston branch, set adjacent to the new Four Seasons Hotel wedged into Dalton Street (not the one on the Boston Gardens ... at Forbes.com

Cheerios Once Again Named As A Top-Trusted Food Brand In The US

According to a Morning Consult report, Cheerios is the most trusted food and beverage brand in the U.S., It has earned the honor for the second year in a row. at Msn.com

Emotional Eating: Feeding Your Feelings

"Emotional eating is eating for reasons other than hunger ... director of the Food and Brand Lab at the University of Illinois. "Comfort foods are often wrongly associated with negative moods ... at Webmd.com

This Paper Goods Brand From A Stationery Designer Is Made For Joyful Party Tables

When a stationery designer hosts a party, the tables are bound to get personal. at Yahoo.com

Brand Eating

Review: Burger King - Spider-Verse Whopper. Burger King's Spider-Verse Whopper features a quarter-pound flame-grilled beef patty, a slice of Swiss cheese, tomatoes, lettuce, mayo, ketchup, pickles, and white onions, served on a toasted red bun topped with black sesame seeds. It's essentially a regular Whopper with Swiss cheese and a red bun. at Brandeating.com

Brand Eating: Current Menu Promotions

Boston Market - New Rotisserie Nuggets ( details) - New Peri Peri and Parmesan Tuscan Chicken Burger King - New Spider-Verse Whopper and Spider-Verse Sundae ( details) - New $6 Your Way Deal ( details) - Melts are back ( details) - Two for $5 Mix-n-Match choices include Big King, Original Chicken Sandwich, Quarter Pound King, and Big Fish sandwich. at Brandeating.com

Brand Eating: 2023

Krispy Kreme brings back four donuts of the "most popular and top-selling flavors" from the last five years to make up the "Fan Favs" collection, which can be found at participating shops across the US now for a limited time through Sunday, June 18, 2023, while supplies last. Krispy Kreme's Fan Favs include the following donuts: Continue... at Brandeating.com

Brand Eating (@BrandEating) / Twitter

Brand Eating @BrandEating · 9h Little Caesars Offers Large Two-Topping Pizza for $7.99 Through June 4, 2023 - buff.ly/3IJeHUi 1 3 Brand Eating @BrandEating · May 26 Review: Burger King - Spider-Verse Whopper - buff.ly/429pwpH 1 1 Brand Eating @BrandEating · May 26 New Utz Mike's Hot Honey Potato Chips Hit Store Shelves - buff.ly/423OdUh 2 10 at Twitter.com

Burger King Updates Your Way Deal with $6 Pricing and ... - Brand Eating

Burger King Updates Your Way Deal with $6 Pricing and Two Burger Choices | Brand Eating Aug 18, 2022 Burger King Updates Your Way Deal with $6 Pricing and Two Burger Choices Burger King updates their $5 Your Way Deal to the $6 Your Way Deal with two burger choices: the Bacon Double Cheeseburger or Rodeo Double Cheeseburger. at Brandeating.com

Home - Chew Boom

Hooters Offers $9.99 Build Your Own Burger Deal From May 27 Through May 29, 2023. May 26, 2023. at Chewboom.com

Carl's Jr. Offers Two for $5 Mix-and-Match Deal | Brand Eating

Jan 5, 2023 Carl's Jr. Offers Two for $5 Mix-and-Match Deal Carl's Jr. offers a new two for $5 mix-and-match deal where you can choose two menu items from a limited selection for $5 at participating locations chain-wide. Carl's Jr.'s $5 mix-and-match deal options include: Spicy Chicken Sandwich Cheeseburger Small Natural-Cut French Fries at Brandeating.com

BK Stackers Return at Burger King | Brand Eating

Jan 6, 2023 BK Stackers Return at Burger King BK Stackers are back on the menu for a limited time at Burger King to start off 2023. The burgers are so named as they can come "stacked" with either two, three, or four beef patties (with a corresponding number of cheese slices). The BK Stacker line-up is as follows: at Brandeating.com

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Fast food news and reviews daily! Brand Eating. 2,515 likes · 44 talking about this. Fast food news and reviews daily! Brand Eating at Facebook.com

Sonic Welcomes New "Under $2 Craves" Menu | Brand Eating

Dec 26, 2022 Sonic Welcomes New "Under $2 Craves" Menu Sonic welcomes new "Under $2 Craves" as a selection of a few menu items priced under the $2 mark for a limited time at participating locations nationwide. Sonic's Under $2 Craves includes: at Brandeating.com