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Brand Eating, is a blog all about hunting down the latest and greatest brand foods that are brought out seemingly every day. Whether it's junk food you can grab off the shelves or fast food you can get from the biggest supply chains in the world, Brand Eating covers it all. They even have a neat little section on the website that covers current deals & specials which are available - so after you read one of their reviews, you can go try the food out for yourself and see if you agree with their blog!

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the "Jack Cuba" brand, revealing the first glimpses of what is expected to star on the beaches, in the swimming pools when some of the items are possible Adopt for a daily or evening look. Dragging extra pounds from unnecessary eating that we call ... at Jpost.com

Ben & Jerry's unveils brand new ice cream flavor after years of trial and error: 'We tested 70 different formulas'

Vegan ice cream lovers will soon have a new flavor of Ben & Jerry's to try. The iconic brand is debuting a new Non-Dairy Strawberry Cheezecake flavor, a new take on its classic Strawberry Cheesecake now made with an oat milk base. at Msn.com

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Allied Pinnacle Harvests Molasses As Creative Lead For Launch Of Wise Wheat Brand

alternative and healthier eating options. Molasses demonstrated strong strategic and creative thinking around how to activate the brand and we look forward to working with the team on this exciting new launch,” said Allied Pinnacle CEO, David Pitt. at Bandt.com.au

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Nothing goes to waste in the home of food influencer and best-selling author Carleigh Bodrug. Known for her PlantYou brand and cookbook of the same name, Bodrug embraces her vegan lifestyle across social media, gaining her millions of followers on Instagram and TikTok. at Yahoo.com

I am allergic to everything — eating rice, bread or mustard could kill me

It is really tough — you don’t think about food at all when you can eat normally,” lamented Caroline Cray, 24, whose diet is shockingly limited. at Nypost.com

Mosques in NYC struggle to house and feed an influx of Muslim migrants this Ramadan

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A woman with a severe allergy died after eating 2 spoons of 'vegan' tiramisu — prosecutors say it contained cream cheese

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Co-founder of popular Trader Joe’s meat sticks brand learned ‘resilience’ from immigrant family upbringing on LI

The co-founder of a popular meat sticks brand sold at Trader Joe’s says his upbringing in an immigrant family on Long Island taught him resilience — one of the many things that has led at Nypost.com

'I’ve been spat at, had drinks thrown at me...' Jo Brand reflects on 40 years of comedy criticism

Footage shows six ‘dine and dash’ women brazenly walking out of a pub without paying a £140 bill. The women stuffed their faces with food and booze on a Saturday afternoon at the Wheelbarrow Castle pub in Worcester. Footage from the pub’s security camera shows the tracksuit-wearing women filing past the bar with one pushing a pram. at Uk.news.yahoo.com

Brand Eating. Your Daily Fast Food Reading.

Brand Eating is a blog that covers the latest news, reviews and deals of fast food chains and products. Find out what's new, limited-time or free at your favorite restaurants and snacks. at Brandeating.com

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BrandEating is a blog that reviews fast food products and offers deals and specials. See the top ten most-read reviews of 2021, including Pizza Hut, Wendy's, Burger King, and more. at Brandeating.com

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